Road Trips

Did you know that your Houston museum and zoo membership can get you into museums, all over Texas (and the world), for free or discounted rates?! Here is a guide to the museums or zoo discounts you can get.  And as a disclaimer, this list changes so check before you

I asked my kids where they wanted to go on a roadtrip and they were absolutely certain they needed to go to the beach in Florida. I don’t know why exactly… but I think they had heard stories of the white sand beaches and clear blue water. So, I looked

I casually mentioned to Tracy of SheLovesScience that I was planning a short trip from Houston to Beaumont… and she sent me a two day itinerary! Look below for what to do, where to eat and a map… and tell us what to add!   From Houston Mom, Tracy: Day 1

We recently had a chance to spend a couple days in Port Aransas, Texas.  I am certainly not an expert on all there is to do… but we did our best to explore this small town on Mustang Island by Corpus Christi! Here are our favorite things to do… with

I moved a lot as a kid.  I went from Nebraska to Wisconsin, back to Nebraska, out to Connecticut, then to New York, California and finally Texas.  If someone asks where I am from, and presses for one answer, I say I am from Nebraska… and Lincoln is where I

I had been to The Woodlands many times, but it was not until I stayed at the Embassy Suites at Hughes Landing that I really began to love it.  Located on the lake, connected to miles of trails, within a walk or short drive to many restaurants, shops, parks and

Address: 13210 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77079 This Houston hotel surprised us.  When we drove up and saw the shiny black Omni Hotel and the neighborhood full of corporate offices, we really wondered how fun our evening in west Houston was going to be.  But, as soon as we walked into

(See the 2017 Post HERE!) Last summer we visited The Woodlands Resort and we have been talking about it ever since.  This year, my daughter was certain she would prefer a weekend at the resort over a big birthday party (which is really saying something for this social butterfly). I

My son is absolutely certain that we need to go camping… and I am absolutely sure I have no idea where to go around Houston. Fortunately I know a whole bunch of Houston parents that can recommend the best places to go around Houston. Here are the places YOU recommended.

I kinda-sorta knew that my Houston Zoo Membership could be used in other cities and at other zoos… but did not realize the same was true for my other Houston Memberships.  Last week I was in San Antonio and got in free or for half price at several spots… all