What to do in Houston with Kids

There is a lot to do in Houston, with kids, and we’re putting the best of the best in one spot!  Look below for things to do with the family and for the interactive map!

Family Events for this Weekend:

If you are looking for the currently list of weekly events, please go HERE.  If you want all this emailed to you each week, just go HERE!

Free Things to Do in Houston:

Here’s a list of over 50 things to do… and they are fun things to do!  Feed horses, find art, tour museums and more!

100 Fun Things To Do Around Houston, With Kids:

Houston is a great place to be with kids! There are festivals, shows and events… and there is plenty to do any day of the year!

Here are 100 of the fun things to do around Houston, with kids… on any day!

Half Day in Houston:

If you have a few hours, we have ideas on how to spend them with kids. This list is organized by location.

Houston Parks:

Houston has hundreds of parks that are free and fun for the family.  From tradition parks, to nature trails to wooden fortresses… Houston has them all!  Find the Citywide Map of Parks with pictures and reviews, HERE.

20 “Not-Your-Usual” Things to Do:

This list does not include usual favorites… so you won’t find the awesome Children’s Museum here. Instead, you will find things with fewer crowds, some that are a little quirky, and all that are just as much fun as the well-known spots.

Things to do in Downtown with kids:

Explore downtown Houston with kids!

Things to do in Montrose with kids:

Walk through this hip neighborhood… and find lots of things to do in Houston with kids!

Things to do in Chinatown with kids:

Chinatown! We love it, but it can be overwhelming with all the shops and restaurants.  Here are some things-to-do to get you started.

Things to do in Galveston, with kids:

Whether we are looking for a beach, museum, park or restaurant, the small Galveston Island has them… and they are easy to get to! Here are the places we’ve visited with kids (and not just a laundry list of things to do).

For a map of things to do, look below!

To use it:
1. Look in your part of town.
2. The square in the top left will let you turn on and off layers for parks, restaurants, etc.
3. Click on the dots you want to learn more about.
4. In the window that opens, click on the link to see pictures and read about the venue!