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Thank you for your interest in working with!  The community includes Houston-area parents with kids that are 0-15 years old.  

Advertisers on know exactly what they are getting. No guessing, no general distribution numbers, no numbers from surveys.

Every view and click is measured and available for our customers. If you are trying to reach Houston parents, for your events, services or products, this is the place to do it!

Rates, stats and options are HERE.

Google “Things to do in Houston this Weekend with Kids”, “Best Places to Eat in Houston with Kids” or “Family Road Trips from Houston”, and I think you will be pleased at where your Houston event or venue could show up if you list it on

You’ll be even more pleased with the number of outgoing clicks from to your event or business website. is one of the top referrers of traffic to some of Houston’s biggest venues. serves as a brand ambassador, as a spokesperson, as a consultant and event promoter. For an example of my approach to sponsored posts, check out these examples of…

These are just some of our past partners.   Anyone trying to reach Houston parents, with a family friendly event, service or product, is a good fit for advertising.

If you are looking to reach Houston parents to promote an event, restaurant, thing to do in Houston, travel idea, hotel, vehicle, product, local business or a resource for parents of young kids, please contact me at Jill to get started!  If you are looking for something a little different to promote your event or product, I am happy to collaborate.

Rates, stats and options are HERE.  

To submit your event, idea or post, please email me (Jill @ with this information:

1.  Name
2.  Company Name
3.  Email Address
4.  Event/Company URL
5.  Description of Event & Date of Event/Post Idea
6.  Name, Company and Mailing Address for Invoice
7.  How did you hear about

If you are submitting a recommended party venue, preschool, camp, doctor, etc, please provide:

1. Camp/Party/Business Name, Link to Website, Address
2.  Short description.
3.  Appropriate Ages. Hours. Dates.

Before submitting your post/event, or submitting a guest post, please review the following guidelines:

  • Submission does not guarantee publication.  Submissions should be consistent with the tone and content on, including things to do in Houston or resources for parents of young kids.
  • All submissions must be high-quality, original content (not published anywhere else online) with at least 1 high quality picture, at least 900 pixels wide, and have a website link to the event/activity/venue.
  • does not offer monetary compensation for posts or submissions.
  • Events submitted for the events list must be submitted by the Sunday, a week before the next Monday post. (At least one week in advance.  Exceptions can be made for a fee, but last minute promotions are not guaranteed.  All fees are for each week of advertising on the events list.  An event that runs for 6 weeks will require 6 payments of the fee.)

If you have questions, contact me at Jill @

Rates, stats and options are HERE.  

Privacy Policy is HERE.  Disclosure Policy is HERE.

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