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Houston Citywide Map: Things to do in Houston, with kids!

So just pretend I tell you how great the Art Car Museum is… but when you go, it’s closed to install a new exhibit. And what if you could save the day by finding a nearby (and equally awesome) adventure?

Well, now I have a citywide map of all the things to do in Houston, with kids!  It includes parks, splashpads museums, restaurants, half-day adventures and more!

To use it:
1. Look in your part of town.
2. Click on the dots you want to learn more about.
3.  The square in the top left will let you turn on and off layers for parks, restaurants, etc.
4. In the window that opens, click on the link to see pictures and read about the venue!


All the places have been visited by BigKidSmallCity.com and all the pictures are our own. No stock photos… So you see what we saw!

We review a new park, new restaurant and lots of things to do with kids each week, and this is what we’ve found so far.  Keep checking back for what gets added each week… and tell us where else you recommend in Houston!

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  1. June 14, 2016 at 8:43 pm — Reply

    This is awesome! But Polovina's, Teala's, and Christian's Tailgate on Washington are all closed.

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