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The room that glows blue, 15 windows up: Omni San Antonio at the Colonnade Aquatica Kids Suite

Omni San Antonio Aquatic Suite Brooke Wii
Families lounge on the deck of the Omni Hotel pool for evening movies, and if you walk through, you can literally see them point to the window on the 15th floor and hear their theories about what the room holds.  They don’t know that the Omni Hotel has a new Aquatica Kids Suite that is a completely over the top, out of control, theme park of a room that is even more impressive from the inside. Omni gave me the great opportunity to visit this suite and I have never ever been a cooler mom.

Omni Hotel San Antonio Aquatica Suite
Photo Credit: Omni Hotel

The room has walls covered with a 3D coral reef, 2 real aquariums, stingray bean bags, bubble swivel chair, cubbies full of sea creature toys, 2 flat screen TVs, DVD player, Play Station, Wii console and stacks of movies and games.  There are floor to ceiling water bubble lights that change color and waves of blue lights across the ceiling.  Two twin Murphy beds fold into the wall and leave the floor clear for playing in this outrageous room.

My kids saw a picture of the room the evening before we left, and were too excited to sleep. When we arrived the next evening, even I was too excited to sleep.

Not only did we walk into the crisply cool room with curtains drawn, neon lights glowing, movies and games playing and welcome basket waiting, but we were treated really well.

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Suite Welcome Basket
As soon as we unlocked the door, you could hear my kids squeal and giggle from the parking lot.  It was really quite amazing and seeing their reaction was the best part of my entire weekend. And this room is just for the kids.

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Suite Parent Welcome Snack
The parents have an adjoining room with king bed, sitting area and separate bathroom.  This room does not glow blue but is a inviting for parents that also need a little vacation.

We had these rooms for 2 nights and left the hotel for only a very short time.  The kids watched movies, played the board games, read the books and opened and closed the Murphy beds a few hundred times.  We also visited the pools a few times, including for the movie nights.

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Suite Brooke Board Game
From the water and the pool deck, we could watch the family shows.  It was during these movie times that we heard families chatter about the room glowing from the 15th floor.  Everyone had theories about the room but we stayed quiet and smiled.

The room rates for this suites ranges from $359 to $499, and includes daily breakfast.  It’s not cheap but includes 2 full hotel rooms, 2 bathrooms and a whole lot of wow.  I’d go again in a heartbeat. Learn more HERE.

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Brooke Sea Turtle

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Suite Joe Wii Games

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Suite Kids Board Games

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Suite Wall of TVs

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Suite Murphy Beds

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Suite Dirt and Worms

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Bubble Chair

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Suite James Toys

Omni San Antonio Aquatic Suite Aquarium

Omni San Antonio Aquatica Joe Stingray

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  1. Summer
    July 23, 2017 at 9:03 am — Reply

    They really pulled out the stops for you. We are here right now. It is nice, but not as nice as you experienced. The price is worth it for the space, however, the board game is missing pieces, the furniture is all covered in blue icing stains, and the food service, with the exception of Ms. Luz, Ms. CJ, and the bartenders at the cabana has been pretty atrocious. We received no welcome basket. We did receive a welcome cookie on night one, and cookies and milk on night two. Overall, if I hadn’t read this first or seen the photos Omni published I would have been happy). I think our expectations were set too high(although we would always expect room service to take less than 2 hours)

    • July 23, 2017 at 9:28 am — Reply

      Summer –

      Sorry to hear you are not enjoying your stay at the Aquatica Suite. Even without food we thought the room was great and we went out for meals. (If they stopped sending the welcome basket, I’ll remove it.) Did you tell the staff about the blue icing and missing game pieces?

      It sincerely makes me sad that you do like the room and the price but my post ruined your experience.


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