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The City of Houston has 37 outdoor pools, in addition to the 26 splashpads. The splashpads are open all year and the pool summer swim season runs from June 1 through August 11, 2019! Go HERE to find a pool near you! NORTHWESTAgnes Moffitt – 10645 Hammerly 77043Inde Heights – 603 East

The City of Houston has 26 FREE splashpads… also known as spraygrounds! These are located in public parks and are open all year long. You just need to find the button to turn them on! The list and map are below… and for the 37 FREE pools, go HERE.   City Of

Address:4130 Byron St, Houston, TX 77005 My kids always have an eye out for playgrounds… so when we were driving through West University, they spotted the green space at Colonial Park and they insisted we stop. We hadn’t been here for years, but they remembered all the great equipment! Colonial

Looking for some free fun in Houston? This list of well over 50 free things to do, should help get you started! Scroll to the bottom for a map. And tell us your favorite FREE things to do around Houston! Free All Over Houston: Check out all the Parks in

There are a couple options for bowling, for FREE, this summer, in Houston!  (If you know of more, let us know!) 1.  Kids can Bowl Free, 2 games per day, every single day, all of summer 2017. This option is completely free.  So what’s the catch?  There are a lot fewer

Address:  Jersey Village, TX 77040 Just look at Clark Henry Park in Jersey Village! This big green space has big trees, unique playground equipment, a splashpad and public pool. There are tires, bridges, swings, a sandbox with dinosaur bones and covered wagon play structure! Fun2Go Misters sent us the pictures!

Movie theater, kids films and air conditioning… for $1 or less, all Summer 2019! See the many options below and tell us what other reasonable movie tickets you’ve seen around Houston. 1.  Cinemark Theatres – $1 Summer Movie Clubhouse (or $5 for 10 movies) $1 per person, per movie, at

READ and get REWARDED! At several spots around town, you can earn prizes, just for picking up a book! Below is a preview of what to expect around Houston this summer… and we’ll update the details as they are posted. If you know of more reading programs, let us know!

Address: 5801 Woodway, Houston, TX 77057 Tanglewood Park is one that we drive by weekly… and in a hurry. I always tell the kids we’ll stop again soon, but it took a day with Fun2Go Misters to get us there! This great little park is fully fenced in with a

Explore the Unknown with the Houston Public Library’s Summer Reading Program! Receive a free book and lanyard just for registering. Then earn more free books and pins to decorate your lanyard by reaching reading goals and exploring the world around you! AND anything the kids read, or anything YOU read