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Fun… and Social Distanced… Things To Do Around Houston, With Kids!

This is the time of year when I would be posting all the summer events, all the free spots for air conditioning and swimming and the fun things to do for summer break.

For this unique 2020 summer break, let me instead make a list of “socially distanced” things to do. Just double check before you go to make sure it is open and that it still fits with current guidelines. Also, at the time of this post, parks are open but playgrounds are closed… so if they are listed below, it’s for the open space and trails.

And remember, if a place is open, you can still make the choice to go or not to go.

Be sure to tell me what to edit or add!

  1. Go to a Drive-In Movie! Go to Sawyer Yards in the Greater Heights or Showboat in Tomball.
  2. Take a self guided Mural tour!
  3. Take a hike! Find over 50 trails for walking, running and biking here!
  4. Explore the Friendswood Fairy Trail at Stevenson Park!
  5. Take the kids fishing! HERE are some easy spots to try.
  6. Spot the International Space Center from Houston. Find the times to look up HERE. Or get these daily skywatching tips from NASA!
  7. Go to the Waugh Bridge Bat Colony at dusk. Hundreds of thousands of bats emerge at dusk!
  8. Play I-Spy along the Westchase District Trail.
  9. Visit Hermann Park and walk, run or bike the trail or just enjoy the outdoors.
  10. Visit the trails at the Houston Arboretum.
  11. Visit Memorial Park. Run or bike on the smooth trails or hike the more difficult trails.
  12. Visit the Nature Discovery Center. Walk the trails and enjoy nature!
  13. Visit Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary. It’s open all year, for free.
  14. Visit Mercer Arboretum.
  15. Visit a Texas State Park.
  16. Explore Buffalo Bayou Park. Walk, run or bike through the trails.
  17. Uncover secrets at Rice University. There is art and hidden messages everywhere!
  18. Go to the University of St. Thomas. Strollers, bikes and scooters can be seen frequently on this small campus.  
  19. Tour Downtown Houston! (This post is pre-Covid, so skip the pre-Covid stuff.)
  20. Visit Discovery Green. You can enjoy the art and the open space.
  21. Visit Sam Houston Park. This is Houston’s first park! There are a lot of historic buildings and you can take an audio tour with your phone.
  22. Tour Bethel Church Park. Just look at this old church!
  23. Go to Levy Park! The park is open (but the play areas are closed.)
  24. See Mount Rush Hour, or Statesmanship Park. You can get close and see it from your car.
  25. Check out the Beer Can House! You can see it from the street or from your car.
  26. Visit the Orange Show and Smither Park. Experience art so unique you can only find it at a monument celebrating oranges. You may not be able to take a tour, but you will be entertained by all the art!
  27. Participate in Houston Library Programs. Earn prizes just for reading!
  28. Visit Waterwall Park! See the 64-foot semi-circular fountain that re-circulates 11,000 gallons of water per minute.
  29. Visit BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Stafford. The Mandir is the first traditional Hindu Mandir of its kind in North America and is made from 33,000 pieces of Italian marble and Turkish limestone. Even if if the current times don’t allow a tour, it is impressive to see!
  30. Find a Farmer’s Market.
  31. Go to Seawolf Park! See the Navy ships (from the outside) and go fishing.
  32. Play on the beach in Galveston!
  33. Play on the beach at Surfside.
  34. Visit Sylvan Beach. Dig in the sand, splash in the water and fish off the pier.
  35. Check out the Texas City Dike! Fish, play in the sand and splash in the water.
  36. Volunteer as a family with Generation SERVE! Houston families can serve from home (and eventually from around Houston).
  37. Social Distance at the Franklin Drive Thru Safari! (It’s about 2 hours from Houston.)
  38. Drive through the Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson City.
  39. Go to an event happening THIS week. Find the current event list HERE!
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