You can find the full list of events, brought to us by Rainard School for the Gifted Summer Camp, below! Take the kids to the Barrel of Monkeys Story Time at the new Second City Indoor Kids Playground. Or go to see Goosebumps live at Main Street Theater. Go to Earth

Make plans for another great week in Houston, with kids! Here are the top things to do for Monday through Sunday, April 22-May 1, 2019! You can also find the full list of events (for this week and next week), brought to us by, Rainard School for the Gifted Summer Camp,

Address:  15401 Greendale, Houston, TX 77032 In the corner of the Hardy Toll Road and North Sam Houston Parkway is Dow One Park, a 9 acres park with a playground and sports field.  Just look at the pictures from Fun2Go Misters! The playground is fenced in and next to the

There are a lot of things to do in Houston, with kids, each week… and it can be hard to keep track of it all! To help you find all the Houston resources, weekend events, Houston parks, kid friendly restaurants and things to do… here are all the updates from

Address:907 Westheimer Rd Suite B, Houston, TX 77006 My younger brother owns a vegan restaurant in Austin… and after going to Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar (and nearby Cafe Bustelo), my first thought was to make a list of all the Instagram-able things he could add to draw business. I love

“Rainard is the right place for us. The small classes and character of the school encourage daily contact with our daughters’ excellent and caring teachers. Any classroom or educational issues are dealt with promptly; goals can be made and adjusted easily this way. “The administration is very open and interested

Yesterday I asked where in Houston this picture taken. It’s from Greenstreet in Downtown Houston!

Do you have a gifted learner? If so, hurry! There are only a few spots left at Rainard’s STEAM based Summer Camp! Designed for gifted minds from ages 6 to 12 years old, it will provide small targeted and rotating workshops. Your child will experience a fun and academic series

Here are my favorite things to do in Houston, with kids, for April 18-24! Watch the clip below, or go HERE. To help you navigate, here are some links mentioned in the video: Things to do in Houston, with kids, April 18-24!

Where in Houston was this picture taken?