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Hermann Park – Train

Hermann Park Train

Hermann Park Railroad

Map, Railroad Website

Hours: 10am – 5:30pm M-F and 10am – 6pm Sat-Sun

Cost:$3 per person, adults and children 1 year and older, All day pass (weekdays only; excludes holidays) – $6

Our Review:  When my 4 year old is not busy being a firefighter, he is a train conductor.  He  always asks to ride the train at the park.

Conductor Joe

Most of the time we skip it for a variety of reasons.  First, there is often a line and it takes around 10 minutes for the train to get back to the station.  By then my kids are going crazy.  Second, I don’t like having to pay $3 per head (over one year), even if one can’t walk and is not interested in the ride.   Third, parking my double stroller at the train station has always made me nervous.  (Note that nothing has ever happened to the stroller there.  I credit the good people of Houston and the unappealing drink and snacks smeared everywhere by my kids.)

That said, whenever we are at the park and there is no line and we have not been on the train in a while, we rush over an get on board.  I do recommend everyone take it around the park at least once (or even once a month).  Once on board, the train ride is a lot of fun and there is a lot to see.

Buddy Carruth Playground For All Children

The track goes around the park and you can get a glimpse of the Miller Outdoor Theater, the Japanese Garden and large playground.  There is also a small tunnel and bridge that the kids love.

View from the train

If you find yourself on the far side of the park, you can go to one of the remote train stops and catch the train.  When the train arrives, it will stop and let you jump on.  When you arrive at the main station (Kinder Station), you can buy a ticket.  This ticket will allow you to return to your original train stop if you like.  Details are here.

My kids are not old enough, but for his 7th birthday, I may consider letting my son be Engineer for the Day.  With this program, children and adults can work on the train from 8:30 to 12:30.  The price starts at $135 can details can be found on the Hermann Park website.

Have you tried the Engineer for the Day program?  What do you think of the train?


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