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Hermann Park – Pedal Boats

Hermann Park Pedal Boats
Map, Pedal Boat Website
Hours: 11am – 5pm seven days a week
Cost: $9 for each 30-min boat ride, 4 seats per boat
Appropriate Age: Infants that can sit upright and older
Special Note: From the Hermann Park website…
All riders must wear life vests
At least one rider must be at least 18 years old with a government-issued photo ID
Four people max per boat
Infants count as a person and must be able to sit upright on their own
No pets allowed

Pedal Boat Lifevest

Our Review:
I had been looking at the pedal boats for years, but wasn’t sure my young family could stay on the boat for 30 minutes.  When I found out the cost was only $9 for everyone, I recruited my husband to come along and give it a shot.

My husband sat in front with Joe and did all the actual work. Although I was in charge of Brooke in the back and making sure no one fell in… so maybe I did the hard work! We all had life vests and we emptied our pockets, just in case we needed to make a water rescue.  (There was only one time I thought Brooke might throw herself overboard because she was mad she couldn’t pedal. 🙂 )

It turns out that ducks like animal cookies and ate up all the snacks that the kids threw in. It also turns out that the kids like to be covered in pond water because they insisted in going through the center fountain over and over.  I recommend bringing some snacks for the ducks and leaving your fancy purse at home.

Hermann Park Pedal Boats

All in all, no one fell in or had to dive in after a kid, so I’d say it was a good family outing.  Thirty minutes was just enough time for us in the hot Houston sun.


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