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Half Day in Houston: Permanent Farmer’s Market, Mexican Bakery & Lunch

Having fun with the family and exploring Houston can be easy!  If you have a few hours, we have ideas on how to spend them with the kids.

In this Half Day in Houston series, find a place to park, play, explore and eat… all in one spot.  Pick what you like or combine with another Half Day post!

In this adventure, visit Canino’s Produce Market, be amazed by the cases of pastries at El Bolillo and then grab some lunch.  This trip is shorter than some adventures… but it’s got things you probably don’t do every day!



For this adventure, you’ll need to drive to each spot.  Canino’s and El Bolillo are right across the street from each other… but it’s a busy street!


Caninos Market Produce
1. Canino’s Produce Co – 2520 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009 – 6:00-8:00pm daily – Free to Visit, Reasonalbe to Buy

Start this adventure with a trip to Canino’s Produce.  This permanent farmers market with a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, jams… and much more.

Let the kids pick out some healthy snacks for a picnic… or to cook for dinner.

In Canino’s you can pay with debit or credit card for purchases over $5.00. Just outside of the main Canino’s building, you will find rows and rows and rows of independent produce vendors. Here you can find very cheap produce but will need to pay with cash.

After you explore this market, head right across the street (probably in the car… because it’s busy) to El Bolillo!

El Bolillo Bakery Tray of Cookies and Donuts
2.  El Bolillo Bakery – 2517 Airline Drive, Houston, TX 77056 – 5:00-10:00pm daily – Free to Visit, Reasonable to Buy

This Mexican bakery is just simply beautiful. The walls are lined with breads and pastries and the smell is amazing.

Grab a big pizza pan and tongs, and fill it up with all the breads, sweets and cakes you could want.  Pay for the reasonable pastries at the counter and be on your way.

(Also, if you need a pinata, you are on the right street.  You’ll see super heros, princesses and other favorites up and down the street.)


Gorilla Art Mural at Jennis Noodle House 602 East 20th St Michael C Rodriguez 1

If you haven’t had enough produce, peanuts or pastries, make the short drive to Jenni’s Noodles House!  This is a family friendly restaurant… with a Gorilla Mural!



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  1. July 16, 2015 at 6:19 pm — Reply

    How are the prices for the produce in comparison to other places?

    • July 16, 2015 at 9:08 pm — Reply

      Senisa – It’s reasonable. In the front, lemons are 6 for $1, 2 lbs roasted peanuts for $3.39… I think apples were $1.39/lb. The back, cash only part, is cheaper, but I didn’t buy anything there on my latest trip. Jill

  2. July 16, 2015 at 6:19 pm — Reply

    How are the prices for the produce in comparison to other places?

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