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The Best Ever Trip to The Woodlands Resort… In the Rain!

(See the 2017 Post HERE!)

Last summer we visited The Woodlands Resort and we have been talking about it ever since.  This year, my daughter was certain she would prefer a weekend at the resort over a big birthday party (which is really saying something for this social butterfly).

I was happy to comply, because unlike some summer getaways, a trip to The Woodlands Resort is easy, close and enjoyable for everyone… including the trip planner.

So after school was out, The Woodlands Resort hosted us for a stay… and this year’s trip was in the rain and EVEN BETTER than last year.

The Woodlands Resort in the Rain BigKidSmallCity.com
Houston and The Woodlands have been hit hard by rain and flooding this year.  They were hit so hard that the resort even offered to change our reservation… but my kids were absolutely determined to stay in the hotel room, float down the lazy river, fly down the slides and explore the beautiful resort.  So we went and it was the BEST TRIP EVER.

The Woodlands Resort keeps the pools open during the rain and will only close them because of lightning or really severe weather.  And since the point of swimming is to get wet, the scattered showers were really no big deal.

In fact, it made the trip really good because the hot Texas sun was partly covered, the sidewalks were cool and we had the resort almost to ourselves.  There were some weddings and conferences… but the pools and activities were open just for us and a handful of other families!

The Woodlands Resort Water Slide Splash BigKidSmallCity
The kids went down the water slides at least 100 times.  Up the steps, down the slide, splash in the water… and go around again.

And the lazy river was our own private pool.  And every day, the crafts and clowns and balloon artists and s’mores and movies arrived as usual and we were first in line.

The movie was inside both nights, instead of in the pool, but it was no big deal for us. In fact, it might have been better because we got to refill on popcorn about a million times.

Actually, when the sun finally came out on our 3rd day, we were a little disappointed.  Suddenly we did not have our own private pools!

The Woodlands Resort Lazy River and Bridge BigKidSmallCity
At The Woodlands Resort, all of the activities are included in the price of the room (which starts at $199 in the summer)… hotel room, pools, crafts, activities, face painting, s’mores and movies.  And the difference between this and other water parks is… it’s easier to watch young kids.

It is easy to stick together and let one kid play table tennis while the other splashes in the baby pool.  One can slide down the big slide while the other listens to the under-water-music in the same pool.  AND, we had a room right next to all the excitement.

We could swim, play and then run to the room for a snack, for sunscreen, for a rest or whatever we needed.  It was a home base for our adventure.

The Woodlands Resort Tiger Face Painting in Hot Tub BigKidSmallCity.com
If you plan to visit the resort, here are some quick tips to help you plan your trip… 

  • The Woodlands Resort is very responsive.  I messaged them through Facebook to be sure it was not under water and within minutes I had a response.  This was not a special media contact… this was just their regular staff!
  • The resort will close the pools for very severe weather… but will stay open in the rain.
  • If it is too wet, the crafts, activities and movies will move in to the ballroom.
  • The activities and movies are generally on the weekends.  Check with the resort when you are booking your trip.
  • During out trip, the pools were only closed for about 30 minutes (total) for lightning.  Also, each night, the movie was in the ballroom.
  • The pools include a lazy river, shallow baby pool, splashpad, giant waterfall pool and the big pool with beach entry, palm tree island, underwater music and water slides.  All around the pools are lounge chairs and poolside food and drink service.
  • If you want a quieter/less busy spot, walk along the Lazy River.  Even on busy days, these lounge chairs are often open and the “secret” water slide has fewer kids in line.
  • There are no lifeguards on duty.  The staff is great with helping you enjoy your trip, but you must plan to watch your kids in the water.
  • Floaties and toys are allowed.  Feel free to bring noodles and small water toys, but no balls or water guns.
  • Tubes are provided for the lazy river, but just in a big size.  My 4 year old slipped through (often on purpose)… so if yours truly want to float down the river, bring a small innertube.
  • Bring your life vests if you need them… but if you forget, ask the staff.  Some are available behind the bar.
  • Wear sandals when it’s sunny!  The sidewalks can be super hot in the middle of the day.
  • To use the slides, kids need to be 42″.  Depending on the staff on duty, this can be 42″ with spiky hair or a solid 43″.
  • No outside food is allowed by the pools… but we brought our own groceries for snacks and a light lunch to eat in the room (which has a mini fridge).  We also brought in gallons of water to be sure we stayed hydrated.
  • The poolside restaurant has coolers of ice water for everyone to drink.
  • Bring lots of sunscreen and run back to your room every hour to reapply, get a drink and eat a snack.
  • Bikes are available to rent.  If you are not flexible on time or bike size, bring your own bikes to ride The Woodlands trails.
  • Mornings were very quiet at the resort.  If you want the pools to yourself, try going at 8:00am, when the open.
  • For more tips from our last sunny visit, go HERE!
  • The resort is running a buy 2 nights and get one free special.  Go HERE to learn more.

Find more pictures below… and if you go, tell us about it!  If you are looking for more easy roadtrip ideas, go HERE!

The Woodlands Resort Waterfall and Water Slides BigKidSmallCity.com

The Woodlands Resort Hotel Rooms and Robards Steak House BigKidSmallCity.com

The Woodlands Resort Waterfall and Bird BigKidSmallCity.com

Baby Frog The Woodlands Resort BigKidSmallCity.com

The Woodlands Resort Waterfall BigKidSmallCity.com

The Woodlands Resort Face Painting by Muffie BigKidSmallCity.com

The Woodlands Resort Table Tennis BigKidSmallCity.com

The Woodlands Resort Bowling and Games BigKidSmallCity.com

The Woodlands Resort Popcorn and Movie BigKidSmallCity.com

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