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Travel Back in Time to Henderson and Kane General Store!

Address: 715 Henderson St, Houston, TX 77007

We took our time machine and landed at Henderson and Kane General Store. Look at this restaurant in Old Sixth Ward.

It’s an old general store and serves up BBQ and nightly specials. It also has a coffee bar, locally sourced produce and goods!

We had driven by this little restaurant when we were headed to Dow Elementary Park, and had it on our must-try list.

We went back on a week night and as soon as we walked in, we knew we had made a good choice. The general store is as quaint as can be, with local goods for sale, convenience items for the neighborhood (like eggs, milk, beer…), a coffee bar and barbecue!

We ordered the Beefy Mac… which is mac and cheese with brisket (or another meat) on top. It’s was good… and the glass bottle cokes made it even better!

To make this even better, this general store is close to the Dow Elementary Park and Barbara Fish Family Nature Play Area… which are both great parks.

Look at the pictures and visit this general store and the parks. (And check the map below for more fun things to do in the area.)

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