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The Latest Look at Barbara Fish Daniels Nature Play Area at Buffalo Bayou

Address: 105 Sabine St, Houston, TX 77007

Right along Buffalo Bayou is the Barbara Fish Daniel Nature Play Area at Buffalo Bayou Park. We haven’t posted pictures of the park in years… and since it’s one of Houston’s coolest places, here is what it looks like today!

Not only does this park have a slide, climbing structures, and water features built in to the landscape, but it has an amazing view of the downtown skyline, access to the Buffalo Bayou trails, restrooms and a historic cistern.  

Accessible from Sabine Street is the Fish Family Play Area.  Park in the free lot at the building or along the street. If everything is full, there is metered parking along Allen Parkway.

If you walk to the top of the Water Works, you will be on top of the cistern and by the stage, grass and picnic spot.  If you walk around the skate park, you will find the gated entrance to the playground.

Right near the bayou, but behind a short fence, is the coolest 2 story park. There is a giant 33 foot slide that rushes you down the bank of the bayou.  It takes you to a climbing net (and back up a 2 story treehouse), to a sandpit, and tunnel.

Climb up the net, up the wooden stumps next to the slide, or go through the tunnel. If you choose the tunnel, you will find a water table you turn on with a button and a tall log climbing structure.

Just beyond the water is a climbing structure that is made from telephone poles.

Making a loop back up to the start you will find another water feature, where you can turn the knob to start the faucet. Back at the start you will find drums and a music station.

The nature playground is multi-level so it is a little difficult to watch little kids… so you need to tag along as they climb and slide.

The playground is full sun but has the pavilion for shade. The Water Works building also has shade, tables and chairs. It also has the mysterious cistern under it!

Kids need to be 9 years old to tour the cistern (and you need to reserve a spot), but everyone can see it through the periscope.

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