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Donovan Park (aka Wood Park) – Visiting Houston’s Parks, One Week at a Time

Donovan Park Ropes

  700 Heights Blvd.
Cost: Free!
Appropriate Age: Any Age

Donovan Park in the Heights doesn’t have your average playground. Instead, it is home to a large wooden fortress. My kids absolutely love this!  It is a great place for imaginative play and it also has enough variety to keep them busy just trying out different areas.

Donovan Park Train

The kids enjoyed going over the “rope bridges,” climbing up a chain, sliding down slides and the fire pole, testing their balance as they walked across moving balance beams, doing different kinds of monkey bars, and pretending to be the engineer and conductor for the train. One of their friends that came with us even showed us how to slide like a penguin across the conveyor belt bridge!

Donovan Park Playground
There are lots of small semi-hidden spaces for great games of hide-and-seek. Even better, the whole area is fenced with one gate at the front and one gate at the back so you don’t have to worry about the kids being out of sight while they are hiding.

Donovan Park Train
The Houston Heights Association has done a go
od job creating and maintaining this unique playground.  In 1996, the Heights community came together to build this fantasy land in 5 days of hard manual labor.  They took a underutilized park and transformed it into a child’s paradise.  Go HERE to learn more.

Swing at Donovan Park Heights
If you haven’t already been here you should definitely go see it for yourself!  (And if you want to learn about the historic Heights, check out THIS book.)

To get an email every Thursday with a new park review (and things to do in Houston for the weekend), go HERE!  Also, if you want to add some adventure to your trip to Donovan Park, check out some funky art cars and grab some lunch!


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