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Rolling Some Good Eats – Spring Rolls!

Hi this is Pranika! –I have always thought that spring rolls are not easy to make…not sure why. I had no idea how simple they really are!

Rolling Spring Rolls
They are pretty quick, healthy, and quite fun to make. I had some good friends to help me out as well. For vegetarians, you can substitute sautéed tofu or mushrooms for the shrimp or pork.

Happy cooking and eating!

Rice paper spring rolls

Greens and Sprouts for Spring Rolls
Shrimp, deveined
Pork, very thinly sliced
Rice paper
Rice stick noodles
Thai basil
Bean sprouts
Sweet chili sauce
Hoisin sauce

Noodles for Spring Rolls
Begin by setting a few pots of water to boil; you will need three. One to boil shrimp, one for the pork and one for the rice sticks.

Shrimp for Spring Rolls
You can peel and cut the tails off the shrimp after they are boiled; they just need 2-3 minutes in the water and will change color. Then take them out and peel and cut tails off. Place in a platter. Boil very thinly sliced pork pieces in boiling water for about 2-3 minutes until they turn color; pull out with tongs and place in a platter.

Rice Stick for Spring Rolls
Place the rice stick noodles in boiling water for a few minutes until they soften and remove and drain in a colander. Place the rice noodles in a bowl. You will also need a glass bowl of hot water to soften the rice paper.

Wrappers for Spring Rolls
Place all the herbs and bean sprouts on a large platter. No need to chop herbs or remove stems; you can do this while assembling the spring rolls.

Wetting Wrappers for Spring Rolls
Lay out all cooked ingredients on a table and begin assembling! Submerge you rice paper into the bowl of hot water until it’s soft and place flat on your plate. You can place some rice stick noodles in the center of the paper, topped with your choice of protein.

Making Spring Rolls
Next choose your herbs/sprouts and place on top. Once you have added all the ingredients, begin by rolling the paper tightly and then fold in the ends and continue rolling until done. We served ours with Hoisin sauce and sweet chili sauce for dipping.

Spring Roll Dinner with Friends
My younger daughter preferred hers with just pork and noodles, but at least she ate it! These were fun, finger foods that were healthy and filling. We also ate our spring rolls with fruit on the side. Enjoy!

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