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Pull Out the Advent Calendars – Our Favorites: Lego, Chocolate and Homemade

The big kids at BigKidSmallCity love Advent Calendars.  So much so that come December 1st, we might need to wake up 30 minutes early just to get to school on time.

Our very favorite calendar is the LEGO City Advent Calendar and it is the most expensive. Ranging from $27.00 to $35.00, I’m thankful my kids are still willing to share one calendar each year. It won’t be long until Brooke is insisting on the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar and James wants his very own LEGO Fireman Advent Calendar.  If you are looking for a Lego Calendar, keep checking Amazon.com and Walmart.com and don’t pay more than about $35.00.

The kids also insist on the chocolate Advent Calendar. These can be found dollar store, Walmart and Target. My kids are happy with the $1 versions, so I’m happy to buy multiples of this one!

Finally, the kids like making their own Advent Chains each year.  We cut out strips of construction paper and label each with a number, 1 through 25.  We then loop them around the next and secure them with staples.

Each day in December the kids get to rip off one link of the chain.  Or if you are baby James, and you can get your little hands on it, you rip whatever you want, whenever you want, and eat the evidence.

So, what are your traditions for counting down the days until Christmas?


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