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Houston Fire Department Patches, Shirts and Gear – Check the Houston Fire Museum

As you may know, one of our favorite places in Houston is the Houston Fire Museum. As you may also know, my 4 year old son is very serious about being a fireman.  He visits Houston Fire Stations and the Museum frequently, studies everything firemen do, and copies it all.

When he was 3 years old, he wore his full fireman Halloween costume to school every day.  (He wasn’t playing dress up.  He believed, deep in his heart, that he was a fireman.)  By the time he was 4, he had figured out that fireman actually wear navy pants and shirts, with patches, to work and only wear the full gear at fires.  With this change in thinking, we had a new wardrobe to acquire.   Lucky for us, we found the Houston Fire Museum.

The Houston Fire Museum sells shirts, patches and more for the real deal Houston Fireman.  They also sell plenty for my junior fireman.

The Museum carries all the real Houston Fire Department patches and they can be purchased for $5.  We have just about every one, including fire department, paramedic, aircraft fire, haz mat…  I sew these onto navy polo shirts for Joe.  (I am not a seamstress, but having a fireman son leaves me little choice.  I have found that using clear nylon thread hides mistakes.)

The Museum also carries Houston Fire Department t-shirts, for girls and boys, starting at 6 months.  Looking for an infant fireman costume?  They carry that too.  Plates, bowls, toys, books, DVDs?  They have it all.

Go check out the gear at the Houston Fire Museum.  Museum members get 10% off the gift shop.

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