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See the #BuffBrewView at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company

Address: 2101 Summer St, Houston, TX 77007

Look at this view from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company!

I love the little slice of Houston between Buffalo Bayou and I10… with the warehouses, art galleries, shops and restaurants. I’ve spent a lot of time meandering through the streets and stopping for parks, ax throwing and cafes.

We’ve been watching the construction of the buffalo outside Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company… and finally saw it was done. I couldn’t tell from the website if it was family friendly, so I was a little hesitant to try.

As we stood across the street at the coffee shop, my oldest son looked at me sideways and said, “YOU are afraid to try something new?!”. He was right, it was very unlike my big-brave-blogger-self to not try something new in Houston (which is actually a big departure from my pre-blogging-super-hesitant-self).

So, I took the kids over to the buffalo walk way, into the big brewery and up to the restaurant. Here I was happy to see a sign that said it was family friendly… and what was even better, was that the rooftop beer garden, with an amazing view of Downtown Houston, was family friendly until 9:00pm!

We started at the second floor restaurant, which also has a great view of the skyline. There is a bar on one side and tables on the other… and a great balcony just outside.

There was no dedicated kids menu, but we found chicken sandwiches and giant pretzels for a good late lunch. Pizza is also on the menu but it would be great to add a few more simple options for picky eaters!

After we ate, we took our drinks upstairs to finish by the fire and skyline. (It’s so good, there’s a hashtag #BuffBrewView !)

So for anyone Googling if Buffalo Brewing is okay for kids, I can confirm that it is is indeed family friendly.

(One update… we went back a second time and the 3rd floor didn’t open until 4pm… so check the hours if you have your heart set on the best view!)

And just look at the pictures!

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