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Play and cool off at Evergreen Park and Pool

Address: 4500 Evergreen St, Bellaire, TX 77401

Admission: Park is free. Pool is $10 for non-residents (and free for 2 & under).

Play and cool off at Evergreen Park and Pool!

Evergreen Park is located right across from the Nature Discovery Center. It has a community pool, picnic tables and a playground. There are swings and one play structure. And I’m certain the planners in charge of this park sprung for the deluxe play structure.

This one piece of equipment has ladders, rock walls, monkey bars, bridges, twists, turns and much more.

This park is completely fenced in but also completely visible from the street (which I like so there are extra eyes on the park).

The pool is open in the summer time and can be used by non-Bellaire-residents for a (big) fee.

It includes a few lap lanes, a shallow end, a kiddie slide, a big slide and a diving board. It’s quite large and fun for big and little kids.

There is no wading pool for the babies, but it looks like most 4 year olds can walk along the bottom of the shallow end. This is where the duck slide is and my toddler likes to slide-splash-repeat, all day long.

Strong swimmers do the same on the big slide and diving board.

The pool has several picnic tables, many lounge chairs and lots of seats in the shade. The pool is in full sun, so don’t forget the sun screen!

Evergreen Pool has a locker room for men and women. They were clean when we visited, but they are those old concrete locker rooms that gave me the creeps as a kid… but as a parent I’ll take just about any clean locker room!

Check out the pictures and check out Evergreen Park! The Nature Discovery Center and Evergreen Park are definitely worth a visit… and the pool is a nice bonus!


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