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Camping (Okay, it’s Glamping) at Splashway Campground

Address: 5211 Main Street, Sheridan, Texas 77475

Every year, visiting Splashway is a highlight of our summer. Not only do we like the waterpark, but we LOVE the campground.

Splashway is full of families and it looks a lot like an old-fashioned movie. Just imagine hearing laughter from the waterpark and pond, seeing families outside cabins and RVs cooking dinner over the fire and kids zipping by on their bikes.

I always feel like I’m at a 4th of July block party and at any minute, Benny will be racing down the picnic tables, outrunning Hercules.

This year we had to decide if we would make the annual camping (glamping) trip… and ultimately decided that we would go to the campgrounds. The kids and I had an agreement that we would stick to the cabin and outdoor activities… and only visit the waterpark if it was not too crowded.

I know this kind of deal won’t work for everyone… but my kids are mostly big and they know from experience that I’ll follow through on my crazy ideas. (I’ve been leaving crowded spots long before it was cool.)

Coincidentally, at the same time of our trip, the hurricane was headed for Texas. Since it since it was to the west, we opted to keep our plans… even if it was a rainy glamping trip.

It turns out that this was the perfect time to go, because after the storm, we had the waterpark to ourselves.

Splashway is limiting the numbers everyday, but after the storm it was almost our own personal park. The next day we went in the morning, and when it got more busy, we went to kayak and glamp. In the evening, we returned before closing.

At Splashway, we swam, ran, played, mini-golf-ed, paddle-board-ed and s’mored. And after dark, we went on walks and the outdoor movie. We did it all together as a family… and without the distractions at home.

If you are thinking of going to Splashway during this wild time, know that…

  • You can go HERE to learn all about the waterpark and campground. All of our tips for beating crowds, having fun and saving money have been compiled in past posts.
  • If you just go to the campground (and not the waterpark), you can still have a lot of fun. There are scavenger hunts, a mini library, fishing, volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, playgrounds, giant chess and giant checkers. And for a fee, there is laser tag, mini golf, pedal carts, kayaks and paddle boats! And every night there are activities, like outdoor movies.
  • If you just want to camp (glamp), you will see the waterpark when you drive in and when you do some activities… but you could ask for a cabin on the far side of the park so it’s easier to forget.
  • At the campground and waterpark ticket counters and food stands, there are clear dividers. Employees are mostly wearing masks (but not lifeguards). Swimmers are not wearing masks and campers that are playing outside are generally not wearing masks.
  • For social distancing, I don’t ever expect anyone else to do it.  A lot of people are very willing to give space, but I’ve found that if I want to maintain 6 feet of separation, I have to do it myself.  If the grocery store aisle is too full, I skip it.  And if the campstore is too busy, I have to wait until it’s less busy.  Splashway has a lot of space on the campground and in the waterpark… but if things got crowded, we just waited or left.
  • Splashway Waterpark is limiting the number of tickets sold each day. Saturday is still the busiest day, so try to pick another day if you can.
  • I’ve disliked crowds, long before social distancing became a thing.  Going somewhere in the rain is always a bit of a risk, because everything could get shut down due to lightning or severe weather… but the gamble is that it will be open and there will be no crowds.  Our gamble paid off at Splashway Waterpark and we nearly had the place to ourselves for a day. 
  • There are plenty of covered picnic tables to claim at Splashway Waterpark.  You just leave your cooler on top and come and go as you wish.  Some areas are a little crowded but some have lots of space (so just keep looking).  
  • You can also pay to reserve a cabana where you have a little more privacy, a locked box for your valuables and a server that will bring food and drinks (instead of staying in line).
  • You can load up your Splash Cash wristband, lock away your wallet and buy food, drinks, activities and merchandise from all over the waterpark and campgrounds.  This is very convenient and a good way to stay on budget.
  • Stollers/wagons and coolers are allowed everywhere.
  • Parking is free everywhere.
  • If you decide to visit the waterpark (and not just the campground), you can use code “BIGKID” for $7 OFF an online tickets for Sunday-Friday. OR you can take advantage of the Back to School deals. Get $29.99 Tickets (Sunday – Wednesday, August 2nd-5th & 9th-12th. Buy online or at the gate.) or BOGO DAYS (Thursday, August 6th & 13th. After 2 tickets, all tickets will be discounted to $22.50.)

Also, each year I like to include some tips for renting the cabins. They are below:

  • Big families can stay comfortably. At hotels, a family of six is supposed to pay extra for two of the kids or get two rooms or just quietly cram everyone in. At Splashway you can bring the family plus grandma and all stay together.
  • The cabins come with 3 queen beds and 2 full beds.  The mattresses and pillows are covered in a slick cleanable cover and they NOW rent linens.  (This is great because you don’t have to haul as much or do extra laundry when you get home.)
  • The cabins are air conditioned with a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, loft, screened in porch and satellite TV.
  • Splashway also has spaces for tents and RVs.  They have cabins that sleep 12 and smaller cottages.
  • You need to bring soap and shampoo. (Including hand soap for the bathroom sink.)
  • The kitchen is fully stocked with pots and plates and silverware… but you need to wash and return everything you use!
  • The campgrounds have a putt putt golf course, a high tech laser tag course, pedal cars and kayaks, pedal boats and golf carts to rent.
  • The campgrounds also have lots of free things to do including hikes, fishing, playgrounds, games in the family center, basketball, sand volleyball and more.
  • If you have room in your car, bring bikes and balls so you have even more to do.
  • The really cool campers seem to bring rope lights to decorate their cabins, RVs, golf carts and bikes… and one of these days we’ll be the cool campers.
  • This campground is nothing like Lake Houston Wilderness Park.  If you want wilderness, this is not it.  If you want fun, we found it here!
  • Do not expect to get lots of groceries in Sheridan.  There is a convenience store, but the closes real grocery store is probably 20 minutes away.  Also, if you need just a couple items, likely the camp store has what you need.
  • The campstore has a little drink, icee, ice cream, cookie and breakfast bar… called The Hideaway Express. This is also a new restaurant, called The Hiedaway, open on weekends.
  • There is now free wifi near the Camp Store.
  • If you plan to go in the winter, read THIS post!
  • Take a look at more pictures below… and decide if Splashway Waterpark & Campground is right for you!
  • If you need a list of things to bring, here’s what we packed.  (But remember, I’m not a real camping pro!)
    • Maybe the most essential:
      • Bug Spray
      • Sun Screen
      • Water
    • For the cabin:
      • Shampoo, Lotion and Soap (including hand soap for the bathroom)
    • For the Fire:
      • Firewood (also available at the Camp Store)
      • Lighter/Matches
      • Lighter Fluid
      • Leather Gloves
      • Stick for roasting marshmallows
    •  Groceries:
      • Bread
      • Cheese and Turkey
      • Marshmallows
      • Graham Crackers
      • Chocolate
      • Water
      • Snacks (Granola Bars, Trail Mix)
      • Watermelon
      • Cold Coffee (There is also a coffee maker in the kitchen.)
      • Supplies for Foil Dinners
        • Foil
        • Tongs (for taking them off the fire)
        • Vegetables
        • Hot Dogs
        • Butter
        • Salt
      • Cooking Supplies (The kitchen has most of these, but I like to have my own and not worry about washing everything):
        • Knife
        • Veggie Peeler
        • Cutting Board
        • Paper Towels
        • Paper Plates
        • Sporks
        • Cups/Water Bottles
        • Plastic Bags (for storing food)
        • Cooler
      • More supplies:
        • Flash Lights
        • Duct Tape
        • Pocket Knife
        • Hand Sanitizer
        • Trash Bags
        • Deck of Cards
        • Phone/Charger
      • For the waterpark:
        • Flip Flops/Water shoes
        • Swim Suits
        • Goggles
        • Towels
        • Cooler with water, sandwiches and watermelon
        • Swim bag

Take a look at more pictures below… and decide if Splashway Waterpark & Campground is right for you… and use code BIGKID for $7 off an online tickets for Sunday-Friday OR use the Back to School savings!

(And for lots more photos, look at this old post!)

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