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Toros… Grab a Coffee and Kick the Ball Around!

Address: 2202 Summer Street, Houston, Texas, 77007

My big kids joke that James is my favorite, because he’s my soccer player. I’m not going to declare favorites on the world wide web, but I will say it took me three kids to get some who shares my love of the game. And for that, James and I certainly have a soccer connection.

This little soccer player tags along with me on our frequent trips around Washington Avenue and in the middle of the warehouses and art galleries, we spotted a huge soccer mural and turf fields.

It wasn’t obvious at first, but with the help of a smartphone, we figured out that this was Toros… and we did not need to be in a league to stop in!

We stopped by and were able to grab coffee, some light snacks and play on the fields!

No league games were scheduled, so the staff told us to play as long as we wanted.  (If there are games, you can watch them outside or watch televised soccer inside.)

The coffee shop is very simple but the cafe is sleek and clean… and you can tell they love soccer.

If you have a soccer player, stop by to grab a drink and kick the ball around. Or sign up for a league or reserve the space for a party!

Check out the pictures and get more details on their website!

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