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Nottingham Park & Splashpad – Visiting Houston’s Parks, One Week at a Time

Nottingham Park Playground
Address: 14205 Kimberley Ln, Houston, TX 77079

This week’s park was so popular with my kids, we visited on one day and just had to return the next.  It’s Nottingham Park!

This is a really big park with playground, kid fit playground, splashpad, restroom, running path and more.  There is a large parking lot and lots of free street parking.

Nottingham Park Tunnels Houston
The play area is completely fenced with two super deluxe play structures, a splashpad and shaded seating area.  There is a toddler area with small tunnels, toad stools and clubhouse.  The big area has lots of twists and turns and tunnels and monkey bars and ladders and much more.

Nottingham Park Monkey Bars Houston
My 8 year old’s favorite parts were the monkey bars and zip line.  There were wheel monkey bars that turned and also regular bars.  He got blisters on day one and returned on day two with gloves.

Wheel Monkey Bars Nottingham Park Houston
The playground and splashpad is in full sun, so it does get hot on the equipment.  Also, be sure you bring your sunscreen and hats.

Nottingham Park Toddler Playground
The restrooms here were clean but the toilets are what I suspect you find in a jail cell.  So use them if you need to… but you’ve been warned!

Kid Fit Park Nottingham Park Houston
As we were leaving the playground area, we saw fitness equipment.  My kids were begging to visit it, but I thought it was probably for adults.  I told my son he could run over quick… but to hurry.  When I caught up, I was delighted to see it was a Kid Fit Fitness Park!

Kid Fit Park Monkey Bars Nottingham Park Houston
The kids climbed the rock wall, did push ups and swung on the monkey bars, while yelling that they were America Ninja Warriors.

Rock Wall at Kid Fit Park Nottingham Park Houston
We had such a good time that the next day, the kids insisted on returning.  So we did it all again!

Nottingham Park Shade
This park was recommended by a Houston mom and we through it was great.  One thing I should mention are the Yelp reviews… some reviews say it’s in a bad neighborhood.  I didn’t see these reviews until after my visit, and was quite surprised.

Nottingham Park Splashpad Houston
To get there, we drove by really nice family ranch style houses and then apartments directly across from the park.  The houses were nicer than mine and I don’t think apartments automatically make a neighborhood bad. We appreciated the diverse and friendly crowd.  I had no safety concerns for my family.

I do plan to take my Ninja Warriors back!

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  1. July 24, 2016 at 10:23 pm — Reply

    Great review! We love this park. The neighborhood isn’t bad, per se (it’s a super expensive area to buy a house in!) but there are a lot of surrounding apartments and we have seen a lot of teenage kids hanging around in groups together after school. I think this gives the impression often that it’s not a “great” neighborhood, but all these kids live in the neighboring apartments. I wouldn’t agree it’s a bad neighborhood, but it is surrounded by apartments in a pocket of a very nice area!

  2. Jennifer Mire
    April 3, 2017 at 5:30 pm — Reply

    Thank you, BKSC! My son and I are enjoying this list of Splash Pads. We went to Nottingham Park today, and like your children, he wants to “go back” immediately! Thanks for the tips re: full sun – there is a covered seating area between the splash pad and playground – so it’s nice for parents-on-the-watch.

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