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Natachees Supper ‘N Punch

Address: 3622 Main St, Houston, TX 77002
Cost: Check the MENU
Appropriate Age: Any age

UPDATE: The Sandbox has been removed!!


Our Review: I just discovered Natachee’s. It is not super cheap, and the portions were not super big, but it is now one of my favorite restaurants in Houston.


My kids and I went to Natachee’s on Friday at lunch. It is located right next to the Ensemble/HCC train station on Main Street. To get there, you can either take the METRORail (the most fun option) or drive and park or walk (if you are lucky enough to live close). Today, we drove. Since it is right on Main Street, with the train, you need to park behind the building or on the side street. In the lot, you can park during the week for $2.00.

From the parking lot you can walk around the building to the front or you can go in the back entrance.


The train tracks make parking slightly tricky, but the train makes the restaurant awesome. In the patio area there is a fenced in sandbox for the kids that is right next to the train. I’m not sure what could be better than a play area with real trains.


Actually, I do know. It’s having a safe place for the kids to play while the parents can have a grown up meal and maybe some drinks.


For lunch, I ordered off of the lunch menu. For $6.00, I got two sliders and fries. It wasn’t huge but the burgers were great. The kids got a lunch box with chicken strips, fries, fruit salad and a Popsicle for $6.00. This was extra cool because of the old fashioned lunch box it came in.


Like I said, the portions were not huge on the lunch menu, but it was great tasting. And the kids give it a great review for the play area and trains.

We’ll go there again soon… and we’ll take the train there. Can it get any better than that?


Update 1.29.12: We found free parking for Natachee’s! Just north of the restaurant, across Berry on Main Street is a parking lot. One the side near Natachee’s, there are about 4 spots with a sign saying complementary parking for the restaurant.

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