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Matzke Park – Visiting Houston Area Parks, One Week at a Time

Matzke Park Sprider Web BigkIdsmallcity
Address: 13110 Jones Rd, Houston, TX 77070

Each week we pack up the car and look for green spots on the Houston map.  On this particular adventure, Matzke Park was the 4th stop and my 8 year old was certain that he did not want to go.  He was absolutely not playing at one more spot and would read his book on the bench.

The only problem was, when we pulled up to Matzke Park , we saw the spider web and there is no saying “no” to a spider web.  We LOVE spider webs.

Matzke Park Spring Playground BigKidSmallCity
So off we all raced to climb the spider web and play with dozens of other kids at the park.

The main play structure is “barrier-free” so all abilities can use the ramps and play on the equipment.  And this also means the side bars go all the way to the bridges and platforms, so little ones can’t slip off when running across the bridges.

Matzke Park Spring Rock Slide BigKidSmallCity
There were a lot of unique features on the play structure, but the coolest might have been the rock wall and slide… that was kind of like sliding down a little mountain.  There was also a rock wall, ladders, slides, swings and sway bench.

Matzke Park Rock Wall BigKidSmallCity
The trick with most “barrier free” playgrounds I’ve seen is that you cannot always see the opposite side of the play structure.  So, like at West Gray Rec Center, I followed the kids rather than sitting on a bench.

Matzke Park Sway Swing BigKidSmallCity
This big park not only includes the playground, but also a paved trail with fitness stations, rest rooms, soccer fields, cricket field, pavilions and a garden.

Parking is free in 2 lots.  The one near the playground was pretty full, but the one on the opposite side of the park had several available spaces.

Matzke Park Spring Spider Web BigKidSmallCity
The park was so busy that we felt safe but not overwhelmed with crowds.  Overall, it was really a fun park and I’m so glad a Houston mom recommended it.  And I’m pretty sure even my 8 year old was glad we stopped… but he’ll never say so.

Matzke Park Trail BigKidSmallCity


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