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Keep Up, Catch Up or Get Ahead with Mathnasium@HOME & Mathnasium Onsite!

Last year I had one child that was struggling in math.

At first I thought it was because the kids are at a dual language school and it was just a little confusing to learn advanced concepts. But after ramping up my homework help, I realized that it was a little more serious and we were missing a lot of fundamental skills.

This is when I found Mathnasium.

Theoretically, I could have re-taught the fundamentals, but I found that there were advantages to having a dedicated time for learning, a dedicated place to do math and a customized curriculum.

So for the last school year, much like we went to soccer practice after school… we would swing by Mathnasium for an hour of math.

The kids were assessed and then worked through the customized curriculum, earning prizes along the way.

Just one of my kids was having trouble, but if one kid was going to Mathnasium, they were all going to Mathnasium. So I signed up all three big kids.

On the first assessment, one was six months ahead, one was right at grade level and one was six months behind. I am happy to report that after six months of going, three times per week, ALL of the kids were above grade level. And better yet, their confidence in their math abilities is sky high.

With school switching to online school this spring, I’ve seen exactly how far the kids have come. I used to have one child that was in tears, saying they were too far behind to ever catch up… but now they are ahead of what is being taught in the school’s at-home lessons.

I will warn you that it costs quite a lot to have multiple kids in Mathnasium (with some discounts for multiple kids). But, confidence in math is very important to us and we were willing to give up other activities to prioritize it.

Last March, the centers moved everyone to Mathnasium@home. This offered the same instructors and the same Mathnasium Method. The kids worked in real time with their instructors, connected via video on their computer.

The onsite lessons are opening up now (with new limitations), but now that we have seen how convenient (and effective) the online lessons are, we plan to stick with them for summer.

If this had been a different year, I might have felt bad making the kids do work all summer long. But with the spring we’ve just had, I am happy to have them do the extra lessons. And if we get to go on a roadtrip or to grandma’s house, we can just log in from where ever we are.

If you have someone struggling with math or you are concerned about the stay-at-home-slide, go learn more about Mathnasium, HERE! (Through May 31, you can save $199 at sign up. Through June 30, you can save $99 on sign up.)

Mathnasium did not hire me to write this post, I just really like the program. But if you do sign up, tell them about me and then maybe they will want to work with this math lover. 😉

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