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Ervan Chew Park, Splashpad & Dog Park

Address: 4502 Dunlavy, Houston, Texas

Ervan Chew Park is a great little park in the Museum District.  It has big trees, a splashpad, playground, small basketball court, baseball field, picnic tables and dog park.

There are two play structures and swings under the giant oak trees. One is small for toddlers and one is big enough, with slides, steps, ladders and monkey bars, to entertain the big kids.

The equipment is getting a little worn, but the kids don’t seem to mind.

When we first started visiting, there was a pool at Ervan Chew Park. It was turned into a splashpad, which I prefer because it is easier to watch and the kids can run through the water year-round. (Just look for the button to turn on the water!)

The water tuns off automatically on a timer, and THE THING to do is be the one that turns back on the water.  As soon as the water turns off, all the kids race to the button and push it.

The splashpad is probably about ten years old now and needs some new paint, but the kids are still happy to run through.

Note that the splashpad and ball fields are in full sun, so be sure to bring your hats and sunscreen!

It’s a popular neighborhood park with free parking on the street. The park is not fenced in, but there is some distance between the play areas and the street.

The only restroom is a porta-potty, so plan accordingly! Oui Banh Mi and Starbucks are around the corner, so maybe stop there for lunch or drinks when one is needed!

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