Is The Whimsy World worth the price of admission?!

The Whimsy World is a traveling art exhibit, full of  a colorful installations.  Guests are invited to interact with the art… and bring their cameras.

The exhibit is open at The District Art Gallery through February 28, 2019.  Tickets are $28 and kids 10 and under are free.

And the question I keep getting is, is it worth the price of admission?

(You can also see the video HERE!)

The Whimsy World hosted us and we got a good look at the exhibits.  All of them are 3 dimensional and you can walk into the art so your photographs have a feeling of depth and perspective.

The lighting was pretty good for many of the exhibits, but I was happy to have my affiliate light ring for the back room.

My son and I really like taking photos, so we liked all the art and playing with different angles and shots.  As two armature photographers, we had a lot of fun together… which is not aways easy with my tween!

The admission price is high for me, but I am happy that kids 10 and under are free.  This means that for $28, I can bring 4 people in… making it a better $7 each.

Candidly, I would not pay $56 to bring my husband (because he doesn’t care $28 worth!).  Also, I do think age 10 is young for the cut off, but that’s because I have an 11 year old!

That all said, we did enjoy ourselves.  Look at the photos and decide for yourself on visiting The Whimsy World!











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