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I kinda-sorta knew that my Houston Zoo Membership could be used in other cities and at other zoos… but did not realize the same was true for my other Houston Memberships.  Last week I was in San Antonio and got in free or for half price at several spots… all because I accidentally asked about reciprocal benefits.

Now that I’ve saved a hundred dollars in San Antonio, my first question at any ticket counter, anywhere in the country, will be… “Do you have reciprocal benefits with any Houston museums or zoo?”!

Since many Houston families have memberships to the museums or zoo, here is a guide to what you can get.  And as a disclaimer, this list changes so check before you go!


  • If you have a membership to the Children’s Museum of Houston (Family Plus or Above), you can visit these ASTC Museums for free!  This includes The DoSeum (San Antonio Children’s Museum),  Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, The Thinkery, the New Austin Children’s Museum and museums all over Texas, the United States… and the world.  Get all the details HERE.
  • If you have a membership to the Houston Health Museum, you have the same ASTC benefits as the Children’s Museum membership.  (You cannot visit the Children’s Museum of Houston with the Health Museum membership because venues must be 90 miles apart to get the benefit… otherwise one Houston membership would get you in all over Houston.)
  • If you have a membership to the Asia Society, you get free admission to the Asia Societies across the world.

Other museums in Houston also seem to have Reciprocal Membership Privileges… so always ask.  If you know of any other good deals for Houston museum and zoo members, let us know!

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  1. January 12, 2016 at 12:46 am — Reply

    Jill, I love the idea of having a pass to attend the zoo, my children love to see live animals. We live pretty far from the nearest zoo. It seems like the next best thing would be to see the animals on a live web cam. My daughter was just mentioning that she'd love to look at a panda bear. I'm just glad that there are places to go and see these beautiful creatures. http://virginiazoo.org/animals-plants/animals/mammals/animal-cams/

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