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Spotts Park – Visiting Houston’s Parks, One Week at a Time

Skyline from Spotts Park
Address:   401 S. Heights, Houston, Texas

This is Shanna!  My kids, ages 6 and 4, are on a mission to visit a new Houston park each week.  This week we visited Spotts Park.

Spotts Park has…hills! Well, really it is more like a partial bowl, but the sides are nicely sloped. In mostly flat Houston this is reason enough to visit the park. The kids ran down the winding sidewalks and raced each other up the side of the hill. There is also a long stairway that they just had to try out.

Spotts Park Blue Playground

We weren’t too impressed by the solitary playground structure at the bottom of the park. It only had monkey bars, a slide, and a couple of steering wheels.

There is a table nearby with permanent chess/checkers boards, but we didn’t know to bring pieces to play with. The kids did enjoy the other play structure at the top of the hill more (even though it is designed for younger children) as well as the see-saw that was near it.

Spotts Park Red Playground
On the weekday morning that we went there were more adults exercising than kids playing at the park. This didn’t really surprise me because although the playground was somewhat lacking (in my opinion, of course!) the grown-ups seemed to be getting a good workout.

In addition to the slopes for running/walking, there is also a covered basketball court, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and fitness stations.

The stand of blue crepe myrtle trees (from The Blue Trees) at the northwest corner of Waugh and Memorial is within easy walking distance of Spotts Park. This is a temporary art exhibit and the paint is already starting to peel, so I’m not sure how long it will last. The kids thought it was very neat and enjoyed chasing each other through the trees. It also provided me with a good opportunity to explain the message of conservation of trees and other resources.

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