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Victoria Lane, Candidate for Houston Mayor, Interviewed by Houston Kids Ages 4-7 (Non-Political, Non-Partisan)

Victoria Lane for MayorDuring this election season, BigKidSmallCity is getting to know the candidates in the City of Houston election.  Our goal in our non-partisan, non-political research is to help Houston kids better understand the political process.

This is not for political purposes or endorsement.  This is for kids.

Aylen (7), Joe (6), Senia (5) and Brooke (4) created the questions and I edited for clarity.  Below is the interview with Victoria Lane,  Candidate for Houston Mayor!


1.  What does the mayor do?

The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City. The mayor implements the city ordinances. He also has some control of the city council because of his veto powers. The veto power is the power of the mayor to disapprove a city ordinance brought to him for approval. The mayor may also introduce ordinances and the city budget for the consideration of the city council.

2.  What do you do to get elected?

Basically, a candidate for mayor must campaign to get elected. Campaigning means asking the voters to vote for you as mayor. You have to convince the voters of your sincerity, qualifications, and program of government. Normally, the voter are informed of these through media information, debates and campaign paraphernalia like leaflets, posters, etc.

3.  What do you like to do in Houston?

If elected as Mayor, I will work to improve the tourism industry and make it the tourism capital of Texas to improve our economy. How would you like to have a Houston Disneyland or a Bayou River Park or a monthly parade of various ethnic groups in the city? But of course we will improve on the traditional services of the city government like improving our road system, the training and equipment of our police officers and firemen, the peace and order situation, collection of taxes and duties, and the educational system. I will also abolish the drainage fee and replace it by “Sin Taxes”. Our main focus is the economy because that is the heart of city development and progress.

4.  What is your favorite thing about Houston?

Its diversity and climate. Houston is just like a small new world. You have a good mixture of Asians, Middle Eastern nationals, Africans, and Europeans from the East and West. The climate although hot is bearable during the summer. At least I do not have to shovel snow during winter to get out of my garage. Because of the good climate the topography is greener than most states. Although, we are visited by hurricanes once in a while, it is manageable. More importantly we do not have destructive tornadoes and wide spread flooding.

5.  What is your favorite Houston Annual Event?

The Independence Day celebrations. I love the fireworks and the parades. Once elected I will encourage all ethnic groups to also have their own celebrations and parades similar to the Rodeo games being hosted every year at the Reliant Stadium.  These will showcase  the diverse cultures in Houston, and will be a big attraction to tourist.


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If you are a candidate and have not filled out a questionnaire or set up a meeting, please contact me at Jill @ BigKidSmallCity.com.

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