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Anthony Robinson, Candidate for Houston City Council District D, Interviewed by Houston Kids Ages 4-7 (Non-Political, Non-Partisan)

Anthony Robinson for City Council District DDuring this election season, BigKidSmallCity is getting to know the candidates in the City of Houston election.  Our goal in our non-partisan, non-political research is to help Houston kids better understand the political process.

This is not for political purposes or endorsement.  This is however, for kids.

Aylen (7), Joe (6), Senia (5) and Brooke (4) created the questions and I edited for clarity.  Below is the interview with Anthony Robinson, Candidate for Houston City Council District D!


1.  What does a city council member do?

Imagine that city is like a school.  The mayor in Houston is like the big teacher.

In a city, the citizens are like the students.  A city council member is like a teacher’s assistant.

Some teacher’s assistants have students assigned (single member council districts) by where they live. Some teacher’s assistants work with all the students.

The teacher’s assistant makes sure all the students understand the lessons (city planning, ordinances, rules and policies) and if they need special attention to understand or complete at task (accessing city services or complaining about a lack of services) the teacher’s assistant gives the students assigned to her/him the extra attention the teacher cannot.

The school (city) has to make things like recess (parks and recreations facilities) and clean-up time (trash collection and street maintenance), and the nurse”s office (emergency services) and the hall monitors (police) equally and fairly available to all the students.

The teacher’s assistant listens, helps find solutions and help the teacher make plans for all the students, but pays special attention to the students assigned to her/him in the class.

2.  What do you do to get elected?

To get elected, the official should tell the citizens what skills and training they have that will help both the mayor and the citizens–either all the citizens and especially the ones in their district.

This is done by talking to the citizens. its called campaigning.

3.  What do you like to do in Houston?

I like watching the city grow. I have been to lots of other cities and see how they work and grew.

From this experience, I see things about how Houston is growing and think,”Wow! If Houston did this, it would be so much better than this other city even though the idea is the same thing…Houston could do it much better!”

4.  What is your favorite thing about Houston?

The people. Houston is full of so many people from so many different places. Since I have been to lots of other places, Houston is like a mini trip around the world…without leaving your car!

5.  What is your favorite Houston annual event?

The Freedom over Texas fireworks show! Every year I make it the most important event I go to! (The rodeo is second….)


For kid-friendly reviews of the Houston City Elections, go HERE.

If you are a candidate and have not filled out a questionnaire or set up a meeting, please contact me at Jill @ BigKidSmallCity.com.

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