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I did it.  After 13 years of working as an electrical engineer, after having 3 kids, after returning to work after 3 maternity leaves, after spending 7

  I am excited and honored to be featured on 365 Things to Do in Houston‘s “Top 5” Series today!  Each week they highlight a different

One Square Mile: Texas is a “documentary television series that portrays Texas culture from the perspective of distinct square miles across the Lone Star state.  As

If a 20 year old Brooke announced she was getting married, I might just fall over.  If she was still in college and fallen head

  In February 2012, Joe started his own little Garbage Can Curbside Service. For details, go HERE. In short, he asked our neighbors if he could roll out,

  Thank you to Patricia Lopez for the opportunity to talk about making fun and easy school lunches!  Watch for blog updates each Friday for lunch box

  Thank you to Patricia Lopez for the opportunity to talk about free and unique things to do in Houston!  Click on the links for

  Thank you to Courtney Zavala for the opportunity to come on and talk about free things to do in Houston! Thank you also to

Welcome to BigKidSmallCity. My kids aren’t really big, and Houston isn’t small, but my kids FEEL big while we are exploring this big city one small piece at a