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Welcome to JillBJarvis.com!

It’s good to be writing with my own name! I told you months ago that a website update was coming… and we finally made the switch.

Each week we will still be providing things to do in Houston, with kids… including weekly event lists, family friendly restaurants and Houston area parks and places. The name has just changed from BigKidSmallCity.com to JillBJarvis.com. (And if you forget, BigKidSmallCity.com will still get you to the same spot!)

The website design has changed to be sleeker and less busy. I’m still figuring out the new theme… so stick with me as I organize the homepage (with easier views of weekly events, restaurants and things to do) and make things look better (like eliminating the double photos in some posts!).

If there is a post or category you want easy access to, let me know!

So why JillBJarvis.com?

BigKidSmallCity.com grew up. I’ve been writing under this name for nearly 8 years… and I’ve gotten older, my kids have gotten older and it’s time for an upgrade. My oldest is now a tween, so the old baby logo is not a good fit. (But don’t worry, I still have a toddler too… so we’ll be posting things to do for all ages!)

And what about that “B”? Most people get nicknames that shorten their names… like Joseph becomes Joe. Well, I’m “Jill” and on every soccer team I ever played on, my teammates have added on to my name. I was always JillVanis, JillBrooke or JillJarvis.

In addition to this, my maiden name was more unique than my married name. I was one of just a few in the world. There are quite a few people named Jill Jarvis… but not Jill B Jarvis!

The logo has a little bee on the “B” to help you remember!

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