How to Apply to HISD Magnet & Vanguard Schools

Usually starting in November,  you can apply for HISD Magnet programs for the next school year.   Go HERE for all the details.

Magnet schools are specialized schools that have the magnet-like ability draw in students from all backgrounds throughout the city.  Some of HISD’s Magnet programs draw in lots of students, and some do not.

Vanguard is a special program that is designed to meet the needs of gifted and talented students in grades K-12 by providing a learning continuum that is differentiated in depth, complexity, and pacing. These programs require a special application and testing.

Applications for both programs are usually accepted November through mid-January.  Late applications will be accepted on a space-available basis. You can apply to as many Magnet programs as you want. For Vanguard, you only fill out one application and rank your top 3 schools. Testing is required for Vanguard and is usually held in January.

If you plan to attend your zoned school, you do not need to apply, unless you want to be in a magnet program inside that school.

For my tips on the process, go HERE.  For my tips on Vanguard testing, go HERE.

Note:  The HISD website links change frequently.  If the links are not working, go to and search for “Magnet School”.

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