You Asked Us!

Friends – I get a lot of questions about working with, so let me answer them here! 1.  Is hiring? I am not

It seems like yesterday that I was planning out Halloween costumes… but suddenly it’s the end of the school year and time for summer break.

Want to get away, enjoy a vacation with the family, but not have to work so hard to have fun? Here are the Texas roadtrips

I made the leap last December. After 13 years as an electrical engineer, after 7 years as a full time working mom, after returning to

I am always surprised by this question and happy that so many parents are willing to spend time working with  I am always happy to

Soon!  I am waiting on some of the Houston venues to post their Spring Break plans… but in about a week, I expect to post

This is a question I get a lot… and I would also like to know the answer!  Fortunately the community is full of experts

You have a pediatrician, dentist… but what about a veterinarian? These are the Houston area vets that the BigKidSmallCity community has recommended! Cat Doctor –

A month ago my daughter tumbled right into a concrete park bench. It seemed minor at first, but quickly turned serious when she had a

Here is the list of Houston parent recommended pediatricians! If you have more suggestions, let us know! Note that this is a starting point only