Video Clips

Check out this ABC13 Segment by Patricia Lopez on What Houston Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day!  BigKidSmallCity has a list of places to take mom…. or to let dad take the kids while mom is getting some well deserved time off. As for my Mother’s Day wish… I’d love to

Well, here is a funny story… On Monday I was meeting with ABC13 to talk about my favorite Spring Break Events, at Discovery Green…  But, if you remember, Monday at Discovery Green was very wet and not very Spring-Break-ish.  So, at 8am, we decided to meet at my house at 9am.

One of Houston’s best adventures only costs $1.25… and it eliminates the stress of fighting traffic and the pain of circling and circling (while the kids grow more and more impatient) for a parking spot. My kids love trains and we have a big one running right through the middle of Houston.

Welcome to the new members of the community! There is a lot of information on this website, so to help you find what you are looking for, watch this video for a tour! You can also Start Here for more information on what to expect each week.

Houston has a lot of free (and fun!) things to do with kids!  Trains, tunnels, museums… bat colonies, splashpads, parks… and lots more!  For the full list, go here.  Or, to get started with 4 of my favorites, watch this video!  

Friends – Do you want to know what I think is terrifying? Seeing myself on video. So guess what I’m going to do? Provide a weekly video clip of my favorite things to do in Houston, with kids, for this week and weekend! Some day soon, I plan to look

Cool off this summer at one of Houston’s many free splashpads! Watch this new ABC13 segment! Go HERE to see it on ABC13. Go HERE to see my list of splashpads!