Scavenger Hunts

Our youngest monkey turned 1 year old last week, so in BigKidSmallCity fashion, we planned a birthday adventure. We usually head to Downtown Houston or Montrose for a scavenger hunt, but for this birthday, that did not quite fit. After 1 year with 3 kids, it’s become clear that the

Whenever someone in our family has a birthday, we hit the streets of  Houston for a scavenger hunt adventure. Last week was Grandpa Papa’s birthday, so Joe got to planning his super-secret birthday adventure. He would not tell Papa what was on the schedule, just to meet at our house

If you follow this blog, you know that my kids lover Downtown and they love scavenger hunts.  Today when the kids woke up, our conversation went something like this. Joe: Is it a school day? Me: No, it’s Memorial Day. It’s a holiday where we think about the soldiers that

My kids and I love Downtown Houston.  We’ve been making up lists and heading out on urban scavenger hunts.  You can see the last couple of hunts HERE and HERE.   For Mother’s Day last weekend, my kids were sure that we needed to celebrate with another scavenger hunt.  Flattered that

It is becoming a BigKidSmallCity tradition to go on a Houston Adventure for our family birthdays.   For the last birthday, we took Grandma on a Downtown Adventure.  Since this April outing, the kids have been asking (daily) to do it again.  For Brooke’s birthday last Friday, we hit the streets

The BigKidSmallCity crew loves Downtown Houston.   So what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a Downtown Adventure Party? To keep us on track, we created a list of items that we had to find or do before our day was over.   This included: Find the Confetti Eggs