Crocodile Encounter

Address: 23231 County Rd 48, Angleton, TX 77515 Crocodile Encounter has alligators, crocodiles, tortoises and so much more. The tour guide feeds the big alligators and crocodiles, but you get to feed the rest! Down Highway 288 and away from the big crowds is a wild experience for the whole

Address: 23231 CR 48, Angleton, TX 77515 You may have seen the Crocodile Encounter review that I did last year. Well, the place is so great that we decided to go back again this year!  We saw crocodiles and alligators and fed the tortoises. The first part of our tour

**UPDATE: NOW FULL.  To get an email announcing future Meet-Ups, go HERE.*** Grab your little zookeeper and meet us at Houston’s only reptile zoo!  At Crocodile Encounter in Angleton, we will see snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodiles and more! BigKidSmallCity’s Meet Up will be on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 9:30am.  Crocodile

Address:  23231 CR 48, Angleton, TX 77515 Cost:  Individual: $11.95, Families of 5 are $50 total and an $7 per person for each individual over the initial 5. Appropriate Age:  Any Age! This is Shanna!  My kids and I are big fans of the Summer Reading Program at the Houston Public Library