Food Projects

My daughter loves crafts… and I am not so crafty. With the holidays here, we have been looking for fun, easy and not-too-messy gifts we

My daughter adores crafts and projects… and I do not. I’m not especially crafty and I honestly do not want glue and glitter all over the

It’s Shanna! This year my daughter decided she wanted a polar bear theme for her birthday party. Everything we did was specific to polar bears

Hello again!  I know my dear friend Pranika is our food guru on Big Kid Small City but this time of year crafting and baking

My oldest kid has been asking me to make ice cream for months. I was hoping he would either forget about it, let me buy

We have a newborn at our house, so our outings have slowed down a bit. Given their choice, my kids would sit down for a

  Today I asked my son what project we should work on. He told me he wanted to dye Easter Eggs. This might seem a