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We have too much of two things around here:  Personalized Mugs.  These mugs with pictures and art on the side are super cute… but I don’t think my cabinets can handle any more.  The grandparents always say they love them, but I suspect they feel like their kitchens might also

My daughter loves crafts… and I am not so crafty. With the holidays here, we have been looking for fun, easy and not-too-messy gifts we can make for the grandparents. We were successful with our Sugar Scrubs (which I use to spend a lot of money on at Bath and

My daughter adores crafts and projects… and I do not. I’m not especially crafty and I honestly do not want glue and glitter all over the house. That said, it’s nearly time for the holidays and I found easy to make, all natural sugar scrub recipes on the Imperial Sugar website,

Update May 2016:  See the new video below! I usually leave the book reviews to Felicia… but since we’re in the middle of summer break, and have some rainy days at home, I have a book to share with you! My 7 year old has Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: 52

If you have been following BigKidSmallCity from the beginning, you may know about Garbage Man Joe.  When he was 4 years old, Joe asked our neighbors if he could roll out, and then back in, their garbage cans on trash day. In return, they would pay him 25¢ each week. The

My kids absolutely love doing egg hunts in the spring time and they are also crazy about Halloween activities. This year I decided to combine the two and they had a blast! I have a bin full of plastic eggs that sits in the attic for most of the year.

I was scrolling through the Houston events list looking for an easy and fun outing for the kids.  We needed to get out of house but didn’t want to commit to a complicated adventure.  Glancing at the flock of tacky yard flamingos from our last party, it dawned on me

Photo: Crowning DetailsWe were tickled pink to have a Crowning Details Flamingo Themed Birthday Party at Discovery Green’s Celebration Tent! This year my daughter asked to have her party at Discovery Green and for it to be Flamingo Frozen Bunny themed. Which seemed perfectly reasonable, except I wasn’t really sure

See the ABC13 Kids Marketplace story HERE.  If you have followed BigKidSmallCity for some time, you know about Garbage Man Joe, our very own Kindergarten Kingpin. Joe still pulls out trash cans each week and we are still passionate about teaching our kids about money, life and entrepreneurship.  My husband and

These instructions are for how to make an easy drawstring bag. I added a face to mine and used them as favors for my daughter’s 7th birthday, but they could be used for any occasion or even just around the house as a fun way to keep all those toys