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Hi, this is Pranika! Happy holidays! Tis the season for holiday parties, chaos, and fun. Amidst all the busyness of the season, I still try

Hi this is Pranika! After a short hiatus, I am back with some recipes for quick dinners. Tis the season for fresh citrus from the

Hi this is Pranika! I am still working on my 4 year-old being open to food that is not deconstructed. When meal planning last week,

Hi this is Pranika! Most of the time I love to cook, BUT, I do not love to do dishes. So anything that indicates one-pot

Hi this is Pranika! Italian food is usually failsafe in our home and 90% of the time, it’s eaten up with no complaints. However, what

Hi this is Pranika! My kids love pasta, but I try and change it up a bit, so we’re not just having spaghetti all the

Hi this is Pranika! It’s Mediterranean night! Our family usually likes falafel and pitas, but I wanted to try something different instead of the “same

Hi this is Pranika! Tacos are always a good thing, relatively fast, and pretty no-fuss. This was a simple, fast meal that we all enjoyed

Hi this is Pranika! My kids love to eat Lo Mein whenever we get Chinese Food, so I wanted to try a quick & easy

Hi, this is Pranika!  Recently we were in Nashville visiting my sister and she made a roasted lemon, rosemary chicken for dinner. It was fast and