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Hi, this is Pranika! Happy holidays! Tis the season for holiday parties, chaos, and fun. Amidst all the busyness of the season, I still try and find some time here and there to cook and use what’s in the refrigerator. We hosted a gingerbread house decorating party last weekend and

Hi this is Pranika! After a short hiatus, I am back with some recipes for quick dinners. Tis the season for fresh citrus from the garden. We grow Satsuma oranges and Meyer lemons in our garden and were lucky that we had some fresh-picked and on hand for this week’s

Hi this is Pranika! I am still working on my 4 year-old being open to food that is not deconstructed. When meal planning last week, I showed her a recipe with a picture of pasta with turkey and broccoli and to my surprise, she said okay. I changed the recipe

Hi this is Pranika! Most of the time I love to cook, BUT, I do not love to do dishes. So anything that indicates one-pot meal is something that usually catches my eye. I get updates from Huffington Post on my facebook feed and saw “The 3-step pasta dinner you

Hi this is Pranika! Italian food is usually failsafe in our home and 90% of the time, it’s eaten up with no complaints. However, what happend if something burns or doesn’t look as pretty as it should??! Read on… I was again inspired by Giada de Laurentis. I used to

Hi this is Pranika! My kids love pasta, but I try and change it up a bit, so we’re not just having spaghetti all the time. Usually, they are the masters of deconstructed food, meaning they are separatists, or to be more optimistic, purists! In general, they don’t like their

Hi this is Pranika! It’s Mediterranean night! Our family usually likes falafel and pitas, but I wanted to try something different instead of the “same old, same old.” I ended up making pork burger patties that could be crumbled into the pitas. I bought ground pork because the ground chicken

Hi this is Pranika! Tacos are always a good thing, relatively fast, and pretty no-fuss. This was a simple, fast meal that we all enjoyed plus pretty healthy! The fish cooks extremely fast so make sure some of the garnishes are ready and the beans begin cooking before the fish

Hi this is Pranika! My kids love to eat Lo Mein whenever we get Chinese Food, so I wanted to try a quick & easy version this week. I think Rachel Ray called her recipe, No Pain Lo Mein…this is that kind of version, but instead I call it Stay

Hi, this is Pranika!  Recently we were in Nashville visiting my sister and she made a roasted lemon, rosemary chicken for dinner. It was fast and flavorful and both my picky kid and my not-so-picky kid enjoyed the dish. I took inspiration from her and made a slightly different version below.