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The best of 2015: Pranika contributes quick and easy dinner ideas, and beautiful pictures, to BigKidSmallCity… and here are 7 favorites from the last year!   1. Cheater, Cheater, Antipasto Eater: My kids love to snack and who doesn’t love snack foods? Occasionally I must admit it’s nice to be daringly

It’s back to school and back to school lunches!  If you need some easy ideas that don’t included sandwiches, watch Pranika on ABC13! Thanks to Kat Cosley for working with BigKidSmallCity for lunch box ideas! Also, the most popular quesiton of the day is… what kind of lunch boxes is

Hi this is Pranika! I love one pot meals…who doesn’t?! It’s less to fuss about on the stove and more importantly, less to clean up and wash post dinner. My older daughter adores minestrone soup, as do I; my husband usually eats anything I cook and my younger daughter…well she’s

Hi this is Pranika! Our family is big into seafood these days, so I am trying to be creative instead of eating the same sautéed shrimp and fried fish all the time. I cooked fish in parchment paper with my mom years and years ago and it was fun, so

My family accepted the Recipe for Success challenge, #vegout2015. For the month of March, we were tackling 30 different vegetables in less than 30 days and have been trying new recipes.and vegetables. This is one of them! I served the soup alongside mashed potatoes and garlic bread. (Kind of a

It’s the tail-end of the meyer lemon season so we are using up our last lemons! This recipe is delicious and you can really taste the meyer lemons in this dish. If you don’t have access to meyer lemons, you can use the juice a regular lemon in the recipe

Hi this is Pranika! Our family likes to eat fish and shrimp, so I try different recipes and some work and some fail; fortunately, this one is a keeper. For added garnish and flavor, you can top the fish with salsa verde, sriracha if you like a kick, or a

Hi this is Pranika! Why spend a ton of time in the kitchen, when all you need to do is throw in a few ingredients, chop a slight bit, and let an appliance do all the work? For this recipe, a must have is a slow cooker. I love to

Hi this is Pranika! Sometimes it’s so difficult to get food on the table after school, work and activities. It’s nice to do the semi-homemade thing sometimes and use what you have at home to put something quick, easy, and delicious on the table. My kids love to snack and

Hi this is Pranika. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far. It’s the time of year for cookies and sweet and I have spent the last week making cookies with my girls. The recipes below are in order from easiest to a little bit more time-consuming and