Turn on the Oven Tuesday

When it comes to cooking, I lack motivation.  For me, it’s a job that creates a huge mess and has little reward.  I do like to eat, but I rather do it at a restaurant.  That said, since I do not have an unlimited restaurant budget nor unlimited dining out

I did not turn on the oven this Tuesday.  The kids and I were invited out for pizza and I’ve decided that spending time with friends is more important than showing my kids how poorly I cook. The tricky part is, if I don’t mess something up in the kitchen,

I started Turn on the Oven Tuesday to show my kids that those shiny boxes in the kitchen can actually cook food.  Inspired by El Cubano at El Pueblito, I made chicken with rice, beans and plantains.  As it turns out, I should have just kept the oven off. I

I started Turn on the Oven Tuesday to show my kids how some of the expensive appliances in my kitchen work.  (They always get a balanced meal.  Sometimes it involves cooking. ) This week I made Cheeseburger Pie.  Why?  Because I saw a Bisquick box in my pantry and was

I started Turn on the Oven Tuesday to prove to my kids that the microwave is not the only way to warm up dinner.   My kids are good eaters, and eat a lot of healthy foods, but anything cooked well was usually not prepared by their mom.  This week was

I started Turn on the Oven Tuesday to show my kids how my kitchen appliances work.  I’m on travel for work this week, so I’m happy to report that I do not need to cook.  I am also happy to report that I stole these Froggy Party ideas from my

Today while I was cooking dinner, Brooke sat at the table and told me all the good things I make to eat.  I make good toast, cereal, carrots and pancakes.  And she’s right.  I pour a darn good bowl of cereal, with just the right amount of milk.  Still, in

In an effort to cook my kids some new meals, I started Turn on the Oven Tuesday. Sometimes I actually turn on the oven, and do it on a Tuesday. This week I made dinner on Tuesday, but I did not use the oven. Tonight’s dinner was Sauted Portabella Mushrooms

Each week I’ve been making an effort to cook a new meal for my kids.  Sometimes it’s on Tuesday and sometimes I turn on the oven.  This week I did make a new dinner on Tuesday and I sort of used the oven.  My mostly-done-in-the-microwave meal was Loaded Baked Potatoes

If you have been following along, you know that I try to turn on the oven every Tuesday.  It’s never all that exciting, but I do  try to show my kids that the fridge and microwave are not the only working appliances in the house.  This week we make falafil