Adventures in Cooking

Pranika is out this week and we are lucky to have the wonderful Rachel Teichman with a great dinner idea!  Rachel is a Houston mom, avid baker and owner of the The Scone Artist! In her own words, Rachel tells us how to make “Build It Yourself” Mexican Bowls! In

Hi this is Pranika! Some of our comfort foods include grilled cheese and tomato soup….though that is really more for colder months. So I decided to change up the soup part a bit and try something new and threw in a shake for dessert! Borden© provided the ingredients! We made

Hi this is Pranika! My girls like to help decide what is for dinner. And when that happens, they usually eat really well too! I feel like we have more time to talk about dinners, food and whatever else we want to without the pressure of school schedules; summer is

Hi this is Pranika! In summer we usually have a bit more time to cook dinner, especially on weekends. Frying fish is one of our favorite meals to cook together, since each member of the family has a job! It’s messy, delicious fun. We served the fish with lemon wedges to

Hi this is Pranika! Life at the dinner table is much easier when the girls have choices for food. Last week we did a “make your own bowl” night (though only the adults ate everything combined in bowls; the kids ate in section plates. Go figure.). I cooked the sliced

Hi this is Pranika! One of my family’s favorite foods is spaghetti so I try and switch up the sauces and ways that I make it for fun and variety. This week I wanted to share my meat sauce recipe. I served it alongside roasted cauliflower and yellow squash sprinkled

Hi this is Pranika! We love butter, yes we do, we love butter, how about you?! Nothing wrong with a little butter in your food, right?! It’s delicious, rich, and combines great with other flavors. We had fresh acorn squash in our garden that I cleaned and sliced and paired

Hi this is Pranika! When I think of summer and food, fresh, colorful vegetables and fruits come to mind. And that means salads! There is always the question of whether my kids will eat them, but I always give it at try nonetheless. I get a farm delivery from Greenling

Hi this is Pranika! Wahoo – summer is here! Our first official day consisted of a lot of pool time and this meal. It was quick, summery, easy, and everyone ate it happily! I got spring onions and kale in my fruit/veggie delivery last week so I knew I wanted

Hi this is Pranika! Kids love to have choices and that is no different when it comes to dinner. When we were getting our list ready for the grocery store the other day, I asked the girls if they wanted a tray of different stuff to choose from for dinner