Head over to Target to check out the daily deals.  One of today’s deals is the Gilligan & O’Malley® Women’s Full Sling Long Nursing Tank for $10.00 (down from $16.99). If you go through Ebates, you can also get 3% back.  

  As a reminder, you can still get a $10 gift card for Target, Home Depot or another store if you sign up HERE for a new (free) account.  The card is sent after you make your first $25 purchase.  I tried this recently and it worked as advertised. If

Remember when I mentioned that Ebates was offering a $10 gift card for purchases in August? I was hopeful that this was true… but I’m never really sure on these things. Well, I am happy to report that my $10 Target gift card arrived today.  Did you get one?

  Check out Ebates to get cash back on most of your online purchases. Just sign up HERE and when shopping online, check Ebates first.  Just type in your store name in the search field and see if a rebate is available. Also, if you sign up on Ebates now,