Brooke has one fabulous head of curls.   When wet, her hair reaches her shoulder blades.  When dry, it bounces up above her chin. This, plus the blue eyes, are from her father. Having never had fabulous curls, I don’t know much about maintaining them. And, as you might imagine, her

An explosion in a Japanese chemical plant from last Sunday could lead to a diaper shortage.  The plan produced about 20 % of the world’s super-absorbent polymers used in disposable diapers. Read the full story HERE. Prices still look to be low, but we’re stocking up on a couple extra

I recently posted that Costco had high quality costumes in stock for 2012.  Check HERE for more.  Since then, I’ve been asked where to find more infant and toddler costumes.  Costco has a lot of cute baby costumes, but if you are looking for something to match big brother (like

  My friend had a ZUM Balance Bike and I thought it was just a funny looking gimmick. It’s a bike with no pedals that kids push with their feet. Then, one day, I saw her daughter ride the balance bike for one afternoon and then pick up her sister’s

 I’ve been waiting and waiting for these animal crackers to go down from $20.  Today they are $12.99 and ship free if you have a Prime membership or if you spend $25.00.  This is just 36¢ per bag.  My mini van is filled with these Austin Zoo Animal Crackers and

Are you looking for a gift for a 5 year old boy? Joe has some suggestions and is hoping this his grandparents read this post.

I’ve still got Taiwan on the brain. One item that I saw there was this Jasmine Blooming Tea. It starts out as a little ball, but when you add hot water, it turns into a huge flower. Check out a video here:   Want to know how it is made?

My third child has had a cold since the day he was born. I blame his older brother and sister and some bad parenting. (The poor guy was at preschool at 5 days old.) In an effort to apologize for 6 months of germ exposure, I went to Amazon to

I am a sucker for educational toys. If the box says the toy will teach my kids something, I’m tempted to buy it. I’ve been tricked many times into buying toys that are boring, breakable or not all that educational. This was NOT the case with Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

Why spend too much on baby food when you get get it cheap from  You can pick up Earth’s Best Organic 2nd Apple & Blueberry, 4-Ounce Jars (Pack of 12) for $8.87 on Amazon. Just follow this LINK. You can select this Apple & Blueberry favor or you can