Do you ever wonder how some photographers can get the cutest pictures of the craziest kids?  Well, it’s not just the camera they are using…  IT’S THE PHOTOGRAPHER!  Do you want to know the secrets of snapping great photos of your wiggly kids? Julie Nhem of Nhem Photo is here

  I love portraits with the Houston skyline in the background and I finally got some for myself. After a little research, Margie and I decided that the Sabine Street bridge, between Allen Parkway and Memorial, was the place to go.   We met on a November morning at 9:30am.

It can be really hard to get good portraits at a good price. It is even harder when the subject wiggles and won’t look at the camera. And when you have 3 young kids wiggling to their own beat, it can be almost impossible. Still, Margie at JCPenney Meyerland always

You may know by now that I love Margie at JC Penney Portraits in Meyerland.  She takes great pictures of 3 wiggly kids AND the prices are extremely reasonable. I find this to be a very rare combination.  Often times, if you can get cheap portraits, the photographer can’t get

Have I told you lately how much I love JCPenney Portraits in Meyerland?  Margie is fantastic and the portraits are very reasonable. I’ve struggled for many years to find a place that was affordable and worthwhile.  Perhaps one of my biggest pet peeves is when photographers wait for kids to

You’ve seen me rave about JCPenney Portraits in Meyerland.  Margie is especially good and capturing good pictures of uncooperative kids. And the portraits are cheap!  For as low as $3.99, you can get a 8×10 or 2 5×7 portraits. We went recently for James 6 months pictures.  We got some

  One of today’s Groupons is for Picture People. For $16, you get 8 color portrait sheets plus a photo shoot at Picture People, valid at five Houston-area locations. Photo sheets include eight sheets total of the same image, with one 10″x13″, one 8″x10″, four 5″x7″s, ten 4″x6″s, and 16

  Have I told you lately how much I love Margie at JCPenney Portraits Meyerland? When I get pictures of my kids, I want good pictures that do not cost a fortune. (All I want is everything…) I found Margie 6 months ago and could not be more pleased. She

  One of today’s Groupon daily deals is for JCPenney Portraits where you can pay $40 for the Enhanced Portrait Package ($209.89 Value). Six single-image enhanced portrait sheets, 10”x13” or smaller One Be Squared portrait, 10”x10” or smaller One single-image CD Standard sitting fees for all subjects in the photo

Update: For 2014 Information, go HERE.  We got our Santa pictures today at Memorial City Mall. We looked a little silly walking through the mall in our Christmas clothes before Thanksgiving, but we looked smart when we walked right up to Santa with no line. We had extra time to