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It’s good to be writing with my own name! I told you months ago that a website update was coming… and we finally made the switch. Each week we will still be providing things to do in Houston, with kids… including weekly event lists, family friendly restaurants and Houston area

I have been to a lot of conferences.  Many for high tech, lots for marketing and a bunch for blogging.  The content is always useful, but what I like best is that it is 2 days to look to look at your business from the outside (with no kids in

I get this question a lot because people really want to get things right from the beginning… but here’s the answer… You just have to start. You can attend conferences and seek out experts and take classes… but if you have never written a post, had Facebook refuse to share

Friends – I receive a lot of website and blogging questions from the community, so let me share the answers here in case it is also helpful to you. This question is from someone who already has their domain name and wants to know about hosting.  Which company should they

Well friends, I was going to wait until January to post more about starting your own website… but I just finished a new online course and sign-ups close on December 23, 2015 this year. Last week I shared the Question-and-Answer session I hosted on starting your own website.  In it

For those looking to build their own online platform, for a business or blog, read on to learn a little about the history and development of  I recently hosted a Question-and-Answer call for those looking to start their own website…. and below are the answers to the questions they

  So you watched Video #1 and know you need a website, but what domain name should you pick and how do you actually do it? It is not hard to get started, and you should reserve your own domain name right now… before it gets snatched up by someone

Friends – You know that I really like to work with local businesses. I feature business owners on the website and ask about your businesses each week on social media. A rising tide lifts all ships… and I believe it. I know a lot about having an online presence and