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JillBJarvis.com Sponsored Post

The 2017 IKEA catalog might have the best theme ever…  “Goodbye expectations, Hello you”.  I love it. I don’t think I really hit my stride as an adult or as a parent until I threw out what was expected and just started doing what worked for me. To go with this

Given the nature of the job, where you schedule appointments on a calendar but deliver babies on demand, I am really not sure how an obstetrician keeps his patients from waiting. Somehow, my doctor and new sponsor at OGA, Dr. Ramos, has never once, in 8 years, kept me waiting

Being the sweaty person sucks. You know those people that can run a marathon and not break a sweat? Well, that’s not me. You know those people that can run from the car to the meeting without sweat running down their dress clothes? Well, that’s not me. Ever since I

Right now, kids can help to create next year’s IKEA soft toy! Our sponsor, IKEA, will be turning 10 drawings into real soft toys that will be sold in IKEA stores! Kids can submit drawings online, drop them off at the customer relations department in the store or at the

Happy Halloween! Kids in the Kitchen, by Imperial Sugar, is full of fun recipes, crafts and printables. The team at Imperial Sugar asked which recipe I could make… to which I laughed and said, “None?”. Fortunately, Kids in the Kitchen is meant for, well, kids… and my kids are much

Baby number 1 has a full baby book and 5 albums of photos that I actually printed.  Baby number 2 has a baby book, with a lot of pictures and milestones.  Baby number 3 has a baby book with his name in it and a whole bunch of memory cards with

So how is it that a mom of 4 little kids can have wrinkles like a grandmother and acne like a teenager?  Do I moisturize or do I raid my tween-age niece’s drawer for Clearasil and Sea Breeze? I’ve seen Houston professionals and I’ve used professional products… but it seems

I was a teenager in the 1990s and instead of sunscreen, I used oil.  I covered my body with Baby Oil my hair with Sun-In… and lounged poolside for hours. Then, in my 20s, I went to the doctor for a check up, was sent to the dermatologist for a

Remember Regions Bank‘s plan for making kids enjoy adult chores? Well now kids will be asking to go to our sponsor’s Kingwood location for games and family fun! On August 6, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, enjoy a BBQ lunch from Fireside BBQ and see George Springer, Astros All-Star

“Not the baaaaaaank!” This is what I hear from the car seats when I need to deposit a check… or do just about any adult chore. Apparently playing tour guide and doing kid activities all day would be better for my 3 children. (Surprise, surprise.) Well, often they must tag