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JillBJarvis.com Sponsored Post

When my oldest went to preschool, I learned that play is a child’s work.  When they run, dig, paint, laugh and listen, they develop essential new skills.

I have never ever run out of gas… but I have this fear that I’ll ignore the low gauge, overlook the dashboard warning and suddenly

The popular YUMMY! Wonderland International Festival returns this year to our sponsor, Phoenicia Specialty Foods! This FREE event features art, music, traditions and customs from

My kids have been begging to take fencing lessons, so I am very excited to tell you about Salle Mauro Fencing Academy! At this Bellaire

The 2017 IKEA catalog might have the best theme ever…  “Goodbye expectations, Hello you”.  I love it. I don’t think I really hit my stride as

Given the nature of the job, where you schedule appointments on a calendar but deliver babies on demand, I am really not sure how an

Being the sweaty person sucks. You know those people that can run a marathon and not break a sweat? Well, that’s not me. You know

Right now, kids can help to create next year’s IKEA soft toy! Our sponsor, IKEA, will be turning 10 drawings into real soft toys that

Happy Halloween! Kids in the Kitchen, by Imperial Sugar, is full of fun recipes, crafts and printables. The team at Imperial Sugar asked which recipe